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Monday, January 21, 2013

Announcing...Drum Roll...Dare To Believe Book Trailer

I'm excited and a little nervous to debut my first book trailer. 

Creating a book trailer was much harder than I thought.  I used iMovie, had a couple of produced film makers take a look, changed it many times...and finally learned to find the beat of the story I wanted to tempt you with.

And here it is.....

I'm going to have Sophia Knightly, aka Vicky Koch, on this blog soon, talking about book trailers. The pros, cons and ideas for you. So check back and see what she says about trailers.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoyed my debut trailer for Dare To Believe.


  1. Hi LA:

    I just watched your trailer five times. (For different things each time). I like it and it does tell the story that readers will find in the book. I would not change the writing.

    I do like to see a picture of the author when the author looks like someone who is knowledgeable about the subject of the book. Louis L’ Amour always had western garb pictures of himself and maybe a horse, too. I think a non professional snapshot of you with a Hawaiian backdrop would add to the emotional connection a viewer could get if the photo was on the same screen as your name and the info about being “Award Winning”. I can ‘see’ the picture in the lower right of the screen with you looking to the left.

    I also think the hero in the suit with the copy to the right looks like a stereotype Power Point presentation screen. That kind of pulled me out of the story. I’d like to see him in the woods in Colorado or running along the beach at night in Hawaii. I ‘see’ moonlight and long shadows. This would let you have something else that is beautiful and mood setting. Of course it would help to have an unlimited budget! : )

    I’d love to hear what your experts on trailers have to say. I do think your copy is ideal.

    BTW: Can this trailer be placed on Amazon next to the book? I think Amazon allows for video reviews but I’ve never seen one. I think video reviews have the potential to become big one day. Imagine a video review where the reviewer shows actual pictures of where the book action takes place and then says he got those same feelings that the photos created when he read the story. The descriptions were that vivid. Reading “Dare to Believe” was like a vicarious trip to the islands. Someone should at least try to do this. Don’t you think?


  2. Vince,
    I always enjoy your comments!

    I'll check into the placement of the trailer. And I do believe that with the technology we have now and the advancements we'll see, I'll be able to put video images embedded in the book, not just links.

    Your comment on Jason...he was the hardest image to come up with which is one reason the trailer is so late in its debut.

    You know my adversion to seeing a face on the cover, or in the video, for fear it will color the reader's vision of the character(s), and Jason is a business man who uses his wealth and skills to help Cate find Haley. Thus the image chosen.

    BUT your ideas made me slap palm to from now on, you're one of my vetting team, okay? Will you accept?

    I think I'll put together a link that takes the reader to some of the sights I mention in the book. I've wanted to do that, so I shall.

    And for Stone of Heaven, coming soon, the Maya ruins of Tulum and Mexico? Another vicarious trip ahead!

    Thanks for the honest words, I expect no less from you.

    ciao and thanks

  3. Oh, what about the music? My film experts thought it matched, even made the tone of the video. They weren't crazy about Jason, loved the bunny in the outstretched hands and the length was just right.

    Trailers tend to be too long.

    They wanted me to find the beat, and not try and tell the whole story, thus I chose the search for Haley, with a smidgen of the romance, the hint that all wasn't right.


  4. Interesting!
    I liked the music--seemed the right touch of suspense and urgency. I agree that the suited picture of jason felt stilted and pulled me out too.

    I don't watch a lot of book-trailers, so I'm not the best person to give you any kind of knowledgable feedback.

    Re putting it on AMZ . . . do readers really spend that much time checking out books before they buy them? Just curious; I don't know.

    I also can't speak to putting your picture on it. Just for my own education, what's the purpose of book trailers? Is it to entertain and entice readers to buy the book?

  5. Hi T!
    I think Book Trailers are just another way to intrigue people about the book.

    I'm going to have Vicky Koch/Sophia Knightly on both this blog and Five Scribes talking about book trailers.

    Thanks for checking it out. And I'm not sure I can fix Jason now, YouTube doesn't allow you to reupload vids...but both you and Vince have good points.


  6. Leslie, hard to believe this is your first attempt at a trailer. Very professional. I absolutely loved the shattering sounds with broken heart. Appealed to the romantic in me : )

    Hmm, I have to ponder the comments made over Jason's pic in the trailer. It does appear to make his character stand-off-ish and aloof, but having read the book, I know how his character is softened by emotion, yet always alert and business-like. Hard one to call.

    Overall, I think you've done a marvelous job. Can't wait to see the trailer for Stone of Heaven.

  7. Hi Audra,
    First attempt after many tries :)

    Thanks for seeing what I was attempting to do with Jason, man that was a tough image to find.

    I wish I had unlimted funds as there are vast numbers of video clips I could have used, but then it was have cost a small fortune.

    Thanks for the pat on the back and I can't wait to see Stone of Heaven's trailer either. I'm excited to start on it.


  8. Wow! Very impressive. It's smooth, fast, and easy to read. Good job, Leslie. I like what it says too--intriguing.

  9. Now that I've read the other comments, I'll add that I thought the music was just right. Jason does look a little stiff, but that's his personality. It takes him a while to warm up and relax. I agree with Theresa.

    I read the first pages or the sample before I buy a book, and I'd watch the trailer if it's short, as this one is.

  10. Hi Ellis, thanks for the comments and the WOW.

    Vince and Theresa both thought Jason a bit stilted. Audra thought it worked if you knew Jason and you as well, I think.

    Interesting...if you hadn't read the book, what would you think about Jason? That he's stiff...and darn, he's such a good guy.

    It's all so interesting to me, especially since I'm going to be creating a Stone of Heaven trailer soon.

    I really appreciate your feedback. It all helps as images are so immediate as is music.

  11. I love this! The music gives me goose bumps, and the images and text are clear and there just long enough.

    I'm blown away!

    Nancy Haddock

  12. Nancy,
    Thank you!

    As you know, it took forever. Lots of rejections on the cutting room floor :) And then the music. I heard literally 100's of 60 second clips. I think Gary was about to go crazy from the clips

    And after I chose one, I played it over and over as I edited, yikes.

    Thanks again for your support and friendship, it means the world.

  13. Hi LA:

    About the music: I thought it was ideal. It seemed to have the same pace as the book narrative (with the relentless background beat). It also made it sound to me like a suspense/action story. But then I usually only notice music when it gets in the way of the message. This music definitely does not get in the way to the story message.

    I have no problem with the hero being in a business suit. In fact, that is a strength. I also thought that the hero’s screen was a static 50/50 split but it is actually more like 25/75 which is dynamic. I now think the screen is fine and the hero is not stilted at all.

    And yes, I’ll love to be on your vetting team.