Friday, November 25, 2022

Best Deals for Author Tools Right Now ~ Don't Sleep On These !


Yep, I know it's that time of the year, crazy deals all over the place. But you're in the right spot and these do really only happen a few times a year. 

(I only affiliate with companies I trust and use. 
I may earn a small comission if you buy from these links. There is no extra cost to you!)

Publisher Rocket by Kindleprenuer
 With Free Course

Nov 24th - 30th

I gotta tell you I love Dave Chesson's dedication to us authors. He puts so many tools out there for us to use free. And now in time for Black Friday, the $50 course is free for a short time when you purchase Publisher Rocket. 

Publisher Rocket

Why do I need this you ask? Because finding the right keywords to attract buyers is paramount to increasing sales. Truly it's that simple. But finding the right keywords isn't. Dave makes this a smoother task and the training makes it even better. 

In his words: You're one step closer to the data you need to sell more books on Amazon and reach bestseller status.

Get It Here

Primal Video Accelerator
Dec 5-10th

Looking to start or build your YouTube presence?  Just want to know how to film yourself presenting any topic? This is the place to start. 


I took this free workshop last year and to date, I've not been disappointed in spending the $$ to join the program. The community is amazing. 

This is a LIVE YouTube strategy training, delivered in a webinar format with everything packed into one ~90 minute session - including ~30mins Q&A (...but they'e been known to hang around longer on the Q&A! 😉 )

There'll be 3 live session times for attendees to choose from, with the same workshop delivered each session.

  • Session #1 (USA-friendly time)
    USA, PST (Los Angeles): Monday 5 December, 4:00 pm
    AUS, AEDT (Sydney): Tuesday 6 December, 11:00 am
    UK, GMT (London): Tuesday 6 December, 12:00 am

  • Session #2 (EU-friendly time)
    USA, PST (Los Angeles): Tuesday 6 December, 1:00 am
    AUS, AEDT (Sydney): Tuesday 6 December, 8:00 pm
    UK, GMT (London): Tuesday 6 December, 9:00 am

  • Session #3
    USA, PST (Los Angeles): Tuesday 6 December, 2:30 pm
    AUS, AEDT (Sydney): Wednesday 7 December, 9:30 am
    UK, GMT (London): Tuesday 6 December, 10:30 pm

Workshop Registration opens: 11:00pm USA PST on Wednesday 29th November.

Intake is only 4 times a year. Meaning they only take new members those times. Then you're on a waiting list until the next session. 

At its core, Primal Video is a self paced video course which is amazing and they update the content as needed. I mean, there are a lot of video lessons and again, self paced. 

Really, I just want you to watch this FREE WORKSHOP and decide for yourself. 

I'm finding it incredibly helpful in building my YouTube Channel, which you can find here! Having a mentor along with the classes, lots of access and peeps both ahead of me with more experience and newbies makes me feel like it's a family. 

Epidemic Sound
Nov 25-29th

The world is a scary place to find royalty free stuff to use in our books, memes, trailers, and I'm extremely cautious about the companies I subscribe too. This is one of them. 

30-day free trial and 2 months with 75% off for a new user to sign up for an Epidemic Sound Personal Plan or Commercial Plan.

Imagine, royalty free music, that even once you decide to no longer subscribe with them, your music is protected. WOW.

Nov 21-28
SocialBee is my place now to set up all my social media memes. It's all in one spot, fast, easy and the folks there are customer driven. They'll even set up a phone call to help you through any questions you may have. This is a great way to try it. I did this last year and was so happy I did. 

There are a variety of packages, so the Black Friday Sale is the time to try it.

  • 70% x 3 months (Monthly Tool Plans)—use this code: SOCIALBEEBF22.

  • 30% x 1st year (Yearly Tool Plans)—email our team at

  • 20% x 3 months (Concierge Services)—already discounted in app.

Again I want to make clear that I only affiliate with companies I trust and use. 
Let me know below what you think and if you use any of these companies.