Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Now A Scapple Affiliate~What Is That You Ask?

Scapple, brought to you by the fine folks that created Scrivener~Literature and Latte

scapple: to work or shape roughly, without smoothing to a finish.
—The Chambers Dictionary

If you have ever scribbled ideas onto a piece of paper and drawn lines between related thoughts, then you already know what Scapple does. 

It’s a virtual sheet of paper that lets you make notes anywhere on the page and connect them using lines and arrows. You can move notes around and customize their appearance using colors and borders.

Connecting notes is as easy as dragging one note onto another. Scapple is an incredibly simple but powerful way of shaping your ideas.

Plus you get a 30-day trial.  30 user days, not calendar days!!

I use Scapple to brainstorm, keep track of storylines, timelines and character/dates/important information.  I couldn't work as well without it.  Perfect by itself or with Scrivener.  ~ L. A. Sartor

Scapple keeps all my brain blurps in one place. I love being able to just type out an idea and then either build on it or give it to a character or situation by just dragging the box. I don't have to keep track of idea notebooks or little scraps of paper. I keep the icon on my taskbar so I can pop open the program and scribble my thoughts and then forget them. Plus, it saves constantly so I don't have worry over losing thoughts. ~ Audra Harders

Scapple fits how my brain hops about, telling the organizing Grey Matter to “hush.” Scapple welcomes thoughts without requiring them to declare where they fit in or what they contribute.  Ideas, events, even dialogue spill out and float around on a white page without lines or numbers. Then I can arrange things, link things, color things into patterns I didn’t initially see. The program can later make it look pretty and aligned, which Mr. Grey Matter likes. 
~ Roulf Burrell

Scapple work sheet example