Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Formatting Class For Self-Publishing ... Don't Miss This!

"Your book is completed and you finally wrote the words “The End!” Now you have to publish it. This class will teach you how simple it is to format and upload your manuscript for self-publishing. We will go over advanced techniques in Microsoft Word, learn the basics of HTML to create a beautiful e-book, and format for CreateSpace. Join traditionally and self-published author, Meredith Bond, for this interesting class on what to do next." ~Merry Bond

Wow, did that blurb intrigue me.

But I had questions so I emailed Merry.  Here is her answer.

"Hey Leslie!
Actually, I've designed this class so that advanced writer/formatters will be able to get as much out of the class as absolute beginners.
I know that I love taking formatting classes just to find out how other people do it, so I've designed the class with such people in mind.
As I'll explain on the first day of class, I've got a teenage daughter who is always keeping me up to date on the latest "tech speak" and memes. Over the summer she told me about this thing that was popular -- tl;dr (too long; didn't read). It's basically a summary of everything that came before it (or after, in some cases). I make use of this and all of my lectures have a tl;dr section which allows people who know what they're doing skip the detailed explanations written for those to whom this is a whole new world. So you can read the tl;dr section and jump right into your formatting.
If you don't "get" something, you can then go back and read that section of the longer explanation. And if you still don't get it, I'm always around to answer questions, and I'm more than happy to discuss any and every aspect of the formatting process. :-)
In the class I'll teach you how to format your book into HTML to be converted into a mobi and epub document. KDP itself does not recommend that you upload your book in a Word document because they can't guarantee that it will look the way you want it to on all devices. HTML is the way to go. 
It's just a really intense one week with lectures every day detailing the formatting process for that day or discussing self-publishing (and I'm really hoping to make use of everyone's knowledge and experience to have a good discussion).
Because it is so intense, I make myself available afterward to answer questions (which reminds me, I need to check with Savvy to see how long they'll keep the bulletin board open for these discussions -- if they close it early, I'll ask people to switch over to a yahoo group I've got already set up).
If you have any other thoughts or concerns (or suggestions), please write back!
Thanks so much!

Okay, I'm in, how about you?  Want to be truly independent?  Fix everything that needs fixing without waiting? 
Check out the link below, and hope to see you in class.


  1. I'm truly excited about this class, then I'll be truly Indie...well, I still have an awesome editor and a great cover artist.

    I'm not doing this without them :)

  2. You are so sweet, Leslie Ann, to keep your eye out for everyone! Merry's course looks as though it abounds with good teachings. Have fun!

  3. Thanks Lisa, Can't wait for this. I'm such a nerd :)

  4. tl;dr

    I love it. Lately it's been the story of my life : ) Thanks for the heads up on a great class, Leslie. Gotta see if I can fit it into my schedule. I can see it'll be a great asset to learn all about the HTML part of converting your ms to any format.

    BTW, I love your holiday background. Very subtle. Very nice : )

  5. Sounds like a good class. HTML isn't as transparent, and I could never get the pictures in.
    Yes, Leslie Ann, a warm, peaceful background for the holidays. Hope it's an omen.

  6. Hi Ellis, it will be an interesting class. Thankfully I was able to get my Kindle and paperback formatted because of your patience in teaching me the ropes. But e-pub and HTML? Thus the class. I'll let you know :)

    I'm going to try and find a nice star for Be Mine This Christmas Night, but snowflakes seemed appropriate for the moment as it was snowing when I designed the background. Thanks.


  7. Hi Audra, My life is all about tl;dr! Thanks for the kind words about my background! Ellis hopes it's an omen, me too.