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Meet Multi-Published Author Audra Harders and A Working Woman's Hybrid Plan On Writing

It is my extreme pleasure to bring you talented and muli-published author 
Audra Harders.  And don't forget to come back Saturday for an excerpt from her latest book, Second Chance Ranch. 

 Susan Anne Mason, you're the winner today!!
Don't forget Saturday's excerpt and another chance to win a copy of Audra's book.

Ha, ha. Leslie, you always make me laugh. Thanks for the awesome introduction.

Over the last year, I’ve been cleaning up rejected manuscripts and preparing them for what I call the Working Woman’s Hybrid Plan. It’s very easy; anyone can do it. Take all those manuscripts that have been rejected by the Big 5 (formerly the Big 6 consumer book publishers of note. As we know everything is shrinking…except maybe my waistline – but I’ll save that for another post) or by your own publishing house editor; review them with a critical eye; run them past a content editor, copy editor and impartial readers; and then, package them up and offer them through any number of digital and print venues.

Why call it Working Woman’s Hybrid Plan? Because, that’s what I am. I’m a published author with Love Inspired Books, Amazon, and I hold a full time job.  All three are important to me, but putting all of one’s eggs in the same basket, in this day and age, is just…lazy. Opportunities abound for those who dare to grab for it.

Now the concept of working full-time while writing for publication is not new, but it has evolved. There once was a time when authors would clock in their 8 to 5 at the office and then return home and log in another 5 or 6 hours at the computer writing towards a New York deadline or hoping one day to attain a New York deadline. The days and weeks would pass and manuscripts would pile up, and so would the rejection slips adding to the devastation of the hearts of really good writers whose work just didn’t fit into the slot of a commercial publishing house. Does that mean your writing is bad?

Well, maybe.

But chances are, if you’ve worked with a good critique group, joined national organizations for writers such as Romance Writers of America or American Christian Fiction Writers (the two I belong to), have been active in your local chapters, and entered contests for feedback, you have a pretty good estimation of the caliber of your work.

My situation is probably more common among published authors than you realize. You sell a book that is part of a series. If you have a really good agent, they might get a 3 or 4 book deal for you right away. That was not my case. Love Inspired Books bought the first book of my Circle D series, but then didn’t pick up the next one. Now remember, I work full-time on a – at times – erratic and unpredictable schedule. By the time I had the third one on their desk, they thought too much time had passed for readers to relate to the characters and setting.

I can understand that. Doesn’t mean I like it, but I understand it.

So, what do I do with the books that are finished and gathering virtual dust on my hard drive? Need I mention I love the setting and the characters? My heart swoons over the heroes and I’d love to live in a community like Hawk Ridge?

Well, FIRST, I had to obtain permission from Harlequin’s Legal Department to use the characters and setting. Very important you read the fine print in your contracts! I worked with their representative on my options, and concluded I can publish my other two books using the same characters and setting as long as I didn’t sign away exclusive rights to anyone else. Harlequin retains first dibs.

Not a problem. The rights belong to me and I’d be happy to continue the series for Love Inspired anytime they’d like : )

Then I moved on to evaluating content. After determining where tweaks in the plot were needed, I ran the version by several authors, looking for advice specific to each one of them. Then I ran it by my copy editor for line edits. Worked with a cover designer to give my stories a brand, and VOILA!  The culmination of my efforts is now alive and well and living on Amazon.

Remember that pesky day job I mentioned? Well, the time I have available for book marketing made publishing exclusively with Amazon my best bet. I don’t have the time right now to monitor all the outlets for distribution and manage it well. The print version will be out shortly, but in the meantime, I love stopping by my author page on Amazon and just looking at my pretty cover, and thanking Jeff Bezos for the having the foresight and vision to offer authors an opportunity to see all their publishing dreams come true.


Pediatric oncology nurse, Jennifer O’Reilly returns home to Hawk Ridge, Colorado to establish a mountain recreation camp as a safe adventure for children battling cancer. Her path to ownership depends on developing a profitable business plan to convince the bank she can manage not only the camping facility, but the entire Trails’ End Ranch operation.

Generations earlier, one misplayed hand of poker lost part of the family ranch, and Zac Davidson, youngest son and financial genius of the Circle D, wants it back. Intrigued since childhood by the legend of his great grandfather, Zac is the only family member who holds out hope that one day the ranch would become Davidson property again. When the ranch goes on the market, money is no object, only Jennifer O’Reilly stands between him and his dream. 

High school sweethearts, Jennifer and Zac have wounded each other, and the scars run deep. Jennifer is forced to reveal a secret she’s protected for twelve years. Will past mistakes jeopardize the future of both of their dreams or give them a second chance?

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Award-winning author, Audra Harders, writes "rugged stories with heart" featuring cowboys who haven't a clue about relationships rescued by ladies who think they have all the answers. In real life, she's married to her own patient hero, has two adult children, and is surrounded by everything conducive to writing about farming, ranching and cowboys at her day job in the county Extension office. She began writing right after her son was born and sold her first book to Steeple Hill Love Inspired mere months before that same son graduated from high school. Surviving those years in-between reminds her God does have her plan for her life...and that He has a tremendous sense of humor.

You can visit her at Readers and writers alike are invited to visit Seekerville, a group blog where Audra, along with twelve other inspirational authors, share wisdom and ideas about writing, life, and of course, food!

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  1. Good morning Leslie and thank you for having me on An Indie Adventure. It has been quite an adventure to be sure!

    BTW, I will offering a copy of Second Chance Ranch as a giveaway. Just leave a comment and your name will be tossed in the cowboy hat.

    Leslie, thanks for giving indie authors an opportunity to showcase their work! You are very generous!

  2. Good morning ladies!
    Audra, what a beautiful cover! Did you do that yourself? I love it.
    The story sounds great. I'm popping over to AMZ to get it now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good morning Audra, yes you've had quite the adventure, but look at where you're headed. Upward and onward!

    I'm proud of your tenacity!

    Xo L

  4. Good morning T!!

    Nice to see you here! You have a second book out now too, right?

    Get it on the blog.

    Yes Audra's cover is gorgeous.

    Hugs, L

  5. Hey, T! Nice to see you here! No, I didn't create it. Rogenna Brewer designs covers and had extraordinary patience while helping find my exact brand. Covers By Rogenna. I highly recommend her!

    AND you have a new book out!! I'll meet you over at Amazon and return the favor : )

  6. So Leslie, are supplying the coffee and snacks? I've brought a nice fruit salad for mid morning snacking. Rumor has it, it's going to be gorgeous here in Colorado today!!

  7. Audra, congratulations on your new indie release, and I'm so glad you can continue the series!

    Having recently jumped on the indie bandwagon, myself, I have to agree--it's great that we now have this option for getting our stories into readers' hands (or onto their Kindles, as the case may be).

    It's gorgeous here in the Carolinas today, too, but still not nearly warm enough for me. Maybe by the weekend . . .

  8. Meant to add I think your cover is gorgeous, Audra! Kudos to Rogenna!

  9. Audra, it's such a GORGEOUS cover! And I'm thrilled readers will get to read the rest of the series. :)

  10. Good morning and what a super interview with one of my favorite authors. I'm so excited you are publishing your wonderful work. I've been doing the same thing and am finding it really fun.

    Gest wishes. I'm with the rest in congratulating you on your cover, Audra.

    Thanks again

  11. Myra, wonderful times we live in, right? I love the cover of your new indie release, The Pearl of Great Price. And I'm glad it's seen the light of publishing day. So many great stories get published traditionally, but I know there isn''t room for all the great books.

    That's why we take dip into the indie pool!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Thanks, Missy! I'm glad our written ms are getting a chance to touch the world : )

  13. Good for you, Audra! Congrats on turning those projects into books your readers can now enjoy.

    I am just finishing a contracted project and can't WAIT to do a new indie book!

    It's a whole new way of thinking and working, isn't it?

    Wishing you all the best with sales. (and reviews!)

  14. Thanks Sandra! I'm following your lead into the indie world. In your case, I'm glad your backlist is in your hands so you can continue to entertain the masses!

  15. Audra, so excited about your indie release. Love that cover! And the story sounds wonderful!!!

    Congrats! Can't wait to read.

  16. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for thee kind words. Working with Love Inspired is wonderful, but when they pass on novels...I'm glad we now have an outlet for them.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hi Debby! Thanks for praises over the cover!! I kinda like it, too : )

    Now, I hope you like the book!!!

  18. I love everything about this, Audra!

    Being able to put an "orphaned" book out there, the options that Amazon offers, and that COVER???


    Congrats on jumping into the hybrid pool! :)

  19. Thanks, Pam! As a hybrid author, there's so much I have to take on to promote the book. You're a pioneer of Digital First publishing with Tyndale House. I'm garnering lots of marketing tips from you.

  20. Hi Audra,

    Congratulations on your book! Beautiful cover which I'm sure will attract a lot of attention!

    What is involved in getting the print copies done? Do you have to pay for the printing?

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!


  21. Hi Sue! Thanks for the compliment. I pray the content lives up to the cover : )

    I am having my print copies produced by CreateSpace. This is another adventure in publishing that I haven't experienced yet, other than preparing the book for the conversion. We'll see how this works : ) Yes, you purchase the copies at a discount, but that's something I need to do with Love Inspired also.

    When I have paperback copies of Second Chance Ranch available, I'll be announcing it.

    Thanks for asking!

  22. I love this book, Audra. I have to get a review up!!!! I'm so sorry I haven't done that yet!!!

  23. And what about the next book. Is it coming soon???? (Yes! The answer had better be YES!!!)

  24. Wow, I've been missing the party, sorry folks. Had an errand in downtown Denver and what a nightmare.

    I need coffee and a yummy, so I think I'll whip up some dark chocolate brownies.

    Any takers?

    Leslie Ann

  25. Sue, you have to buy the paperbacks if you're going to give them away or directly sell them. Otherwise they are PRINT ON DEMAND or POD and when a person orders it, it's printed and shipped. The author gets a payment, but costs them nothing.

    Make sense? So I have about six copies of each book more or less at any given time and I pay about 1/2 my cover price.

    Holler if you need more info.

  26. This is in my TBR KINDLE pile. Excited to read it. What's next for you, Audra?

  27. LOL, Mary. Glad you liked it.

    And the next one is written, I just need to tweak the conflict. I'm hoping to have it out September.

    Happy dancing all around : )

  28. Thanks for detailing the CreateSpace process out, Les. I'm such a novice : )

    It was a gorgeous day and you spent it in DENVER?? Oy vay!! Soak up the sun as you can, kiddo!!

    Pass the brownies right out of the oven!!

  29. Hi Tina! The next book is my bullrider story. Nick and Rachel have been patiently waiting their turn. I've got a lot to do before fall : )

    How about you? When's the next book in the McBride series coming out?

  30. Lovely, lovely interview, Audra! I'm so glad to finally get to get acquainted with you and your work.

    I grew up loving horses and being around people who had them. I visited many a Dude Ranch, and your story is bound to exorcise some wonderful memories. The cover is STUNNING!!! It's sure to attract new readers to your series--like me.

    Congratulations on your stamina in pursuing your dreams. I wish you the very best with SECOND CHANCE RANCH!!!!

    P.S. If I don't win a copy, I'll follow Theresa to Amazon. And I'll tell my twin about it!

  31. Hi Audra! I adore your cover! It looks fantastic! Your blurb also drove me right to Amazon to purchase! I write and work full-time too, so I can totally relate! Congrats and best of luck!

  32. Thank you for your kind words, Lisa : ) I'm so glad to hear of your love of horses and ranches. I had a horse when I was in Jr High. Didn't matter I was horribly allergic to animals, I sneezed my head off the entire time I rode and cared for her, but it was so worth it : )

    I'm glad you like the cover. The winner will be announced on Saturday. So cool you have a twin. I hope you both enjoy the book!!

  33. Hi Kristen! Thanks for buying my book! I hope you enjoy it. The next book will be out this fall. I hope you watch for that, too : )