Monday, December 22, 2014

An Award for An Indie Adventure, My Story ~ My Way

I was nominated for this award by the super talented Ellis Vidler. Thank you, Ellis.  And don't miss out on her latest book, Prime Target.

Ellis, as nominator, gets to ask me her choice of 7 questions, and let me tell you, they're not all that easy to answer.

QUESTION 1  What is the hardest kind of scene for you to write and why?
Action scenes come easier for me than scenes justifying the emotional crisis the heroine or hero is facing. Creating the crisis is easy, but justifying it so you the reader won't shake your head and throw the book down is mighty hard.

QUESTION 2  What would be in your favorite meal?
Pasta, hands down. With a glass of wine.  Favorite pasta is Fettuccine Alfredo, which is one reason my characters eat it in my Star Light~Star Bright series. The other reason is a secret, but if you ask me nicely enough, I'll tell.

QUESTION 3  What has been a special moment for you in the last year?

I've had a really good year, but the most memorable for writing...oops I have two for writing.  Making bestseller for the first time and winning the 2014 International Digital Award, both for Be Mine This Christmas Night.  (Oops #3) And, yes, preening a bit here, Forever Yours This New Year's Night made bestseller a couple of weeks ago. 

QUESTION 4  What is your favorite fairy tale?
Seriously? Wow, this one had me thinking...for a romantic fairy tale I think it would have to be Cinderella, who had to overcome that wicked Stepmother. Sure Cinderella had some help, but then it's a "fairy" tale, right? I've enjoyed Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, and now with the modern princess, who wouldn't love Frozen or Brave...not needing that prince to make it right, but finding one anyway. 

QUESTION 5  What was your favorite class when still at school?
Not English, seriously not. Not German, or math. It was band. I loved playing the flute, and marching, and playing in concerts, or in the pit for a musical. I loved it. Only later did I grow into stage I need to rid myself of that nuisance

QUESTION 6  Anything you wish you’d learned earlier?
Yeah, not always to believe an authority figure. I had a teacher tell me in Jr. High that I would never be a writer because all I wanted to do was tell a story and not learn grammar. Well, my editor has now told me that one can learn grammar, but can't always learn how to tell a good story. 

QUESTION 7  What musical instrument have you played?

As I mentioned above, the flute, even through 2 years in college. When I was a wee child, we had a baby grand in the house, then dad replaced it with an organ. UGH. When my husband and I moved from our condo into our house, we bought first an upright and then a real grand. (Not a 9 footer!!) So I play, then stop for weeks, then play some more. I need to stop stopping so I can get better.  

Thanks Ellis for nominating me for this award, I hope you all have learned a bit more about me. As always, comment, ask questions, tell me your stories.



  1. I did learn more about you. I knew you played the piano, but I didn't know about the flute.
    Cinderella suites your stories. I like it too, but mine is Beauty and the Beast.
    Having read your books, I must say your English teacher made a big mistake. You are a writer, and you do tell a good story, definitely the most important thing!

  2. Hey, Leslie Ann!

    You definitely deserve this award more than anyone I know. You are dedicated to your blog and feature great interviews!

    A HUGE congratulations to ya!!!!

  3. Ooops...forgot to say that I loved learning more about you through your interview with Ellis.

  4. Catching up from the holidays, but had to say congratulations!! I loved your interview, too!!