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Mental Can Openers & Writer's Hash ~ It's Like Magic

Today we learn about magic...a very special kind. 
Brad may not call it brain magic, but I do. 
Take it away, Brad.   

I often remind people, "ideas are easy." By that I mean it's easy to suggest changes and solutions but a lot harder to implement them. The same is true for books, especially in the planning stage.

I ran into this with my current fantasy novel. Fantasy thrives on innovation. So, with every scene I ask, "Is it boring or predictable?" "Could it be conveyed with a fresh twist?" While I work for excitement, too many innovations can lead to trouble.

Let me illustrate. Tom Clancy's first novel, Hunt for Red October, was a huge success. It featured a Russian submarine equipped with new technology. But the Russian captain wants to defect. He has to outsmart a fellow Russian sub chasing him, while trying to let his American counterpart know what he intends.

Now what if Tom had wanted to add to the tension and excitement by having an actual war confrontation (rather than potential) between Russia and America? What if the hunt for the defecting Russian submarine had to be conducted while major fleets clash hundreds of feet above on the Atlantic's surface? Could Tom weave the Red October's reactor allegedly going critical so it would impact that surface battle? Wouldn't this add to the tension, drama, and scope of the book? It's tempting.

But it would amount to combining his second book, Red Storm Rising, with Hunt for Red October. Would the combined books be better? Or would the whole thing collapse in a morass of too much, too complex, too hard to follow? Not to mention difficult to plot.

Though we don't have a combined book for comparison, no one questions that Tom Clancy did it right. Two separate books.

Or what if J.K. Rowling had tried to combine the first two Harry Potter books? The current Voldemort seeking the Sorcerer's Stone while Tom Riddle (Voldemort as a Hogwarts student) lives in a diary and sets loose the Basilisk? Again, too much.

I can see it now, but like a dwarf stumbling into a micro-brewery with an empty beer stein, I had gone thrill happy. I added challenges, magic, relationships, puzzles, and villains like Congress adds pork to a spending bill. Soon, even I was lost in the maze.

Six months later, a 'hung over', bleary-eyed, writer realized his hero's climax had to include challenging a sheriff, outwitting goblin assassins, defeating a witch using new-found magic, saving the head chandler, and earning a home by solving six puzzles. It finally dawned on me, I might have overdone it a bit. And would you believe my first reaction was to consider what I might add to fix it? Ha!

When I went to divide the various portions of my original story, it fell into two halves like oil separating from vinegar. I had two themes, two act one turning points, two climaxes. Weeks of re-writing. What a mess, huh?

Then it occurred to me. Voila! Like the magic I write about, a sequel had appeared!

Stay tuned. Brad always has something ... interesting to say.  
I love having him as a blog guest.   ~L.A. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take Five and Meet Author Ruth Kaufman

Today we get to meet Ruth Kaufman. I can't wait to read about her Unsung Knights of the Round Table and find out more about her.  
Join me and read on.

Welcome to An Indie Adventure, Ruth.  Tell us, what inspired you to write your new release, My Once & Future Love, first in your Unsung Knights of the Round Table series?

Hi, LA. Thanks for hosting me today, it's a pleasure to be here. I usually start a book with a bit of a scene that pops into my head. Often it’s the first scene.

I saw a man—handsome and powerful, of course…running at night in a forest. Then I wondered why he was running, and from whom? I realized he was injured…who did it, and why? Where was he trying to go in the first place, and why? If he’s injured in a forest, who’s going to help him, and why?

I also saw a scene with the heroine, which became a prologue that I ended up cutting. (I really like it though, so I think I’ll send it to my newsletter subscribers or put it on my site.)

Have you been a lifelong reader?  What are some the first books you remember reading?

I started reading historical romances, or should I say devouring, in high school…Kathleen Woodiwiss (Shanna and The Wolf and The Dove) and Roberta Gellis (The Roselynde Chronicles) were my first favorites. I moved on to Julie Garwood’s, Madeline Hunter’s and Susan Wigg’s medievals.

I love blending real history with fictional characters. I don’t recall when I first discovered paranormals, but I also love the freedom of world building without the constraints of history or things we think we know.

What do you do to rev your creative juices?

I do other things besides writing. Then ideas or solutions to character or plot issues pop into my head at random times. I’m a pantser (meaning I don’t plot or outline first) and give workshops on what I call anti-plotting. I believe the characters should tell the story, not you. So it’s not always about me being creative but seeing through their eyes.

What would be your advice to people who are considering a writing career?  And/or what would do differently in your career?

How much space do I have? I’d have to say that people have to really want it. The market is so competitive and fast-changing that even a great book with great reviews may not be discovered.

I keep hearing that content is king, which means one book isn’t enough, and many say one a year isn’t, either. So you have to be committed to a lot of product and, IMO, a lot of time on social media/marketing so readers can find your work amidst the dozens of releases every day. You also have to know the market, so you can decide what path to publication you want to follow.

You’ll hear a lot of advice, and it’s hard to know what to follow. I would have gone against the advice of writing the books of your heart/what you want to write and written what’s selling. I love English set medievals and time travels, but the market for those hasn’t been as strong as, say, that for Regency era books or those set in Scotland. An editor once asked me to move one of my books to Scotland, but it involved actual English history that didn’t transfer. Of course, by the time you write that book, the market could have moved on….

You’re having a dinner party.  What character from your novel do you hope doesn’t show up? Why?

Jankyn ap Lewis. He’s a mean guy!

Give us a brief summary of My Once & Future Love:
Annora of Amberton flees her castle to seek proof that she’s not a lunatic as her uncle declared when claiming wardship over her and her lands.  

Morgan ap Myrddin must rescue his father, Merlin, from imprisonment. But enemies have wounded him, draining his powers.

He stumbles upon her cottage and enlists her aid. As he helps her in return, undeniable desire and respect spark. But he won’t succumb to the lure of a mortal woman as his father did. She’s wary of caring for a man who refuses to discuss his past. When he finally tells her he’s a Knight of the Round Table, she fears he’s the lunatic as danger and secrets thwart the power of love.

Buy Links:

Amazon bestselling author, on-camera and voiceover talent, freelance editor and speaker Ruth Kaufman enjoys chocolate peanut butter milkshakes and going to the theatre.

RT Book Reviews says MY ONCE & FUTURE LOVE (Unsung Knights of the Round Table #1) is a “fantastic blend of romance and Arthurian legend.” And AT HIS COMMAND, first in her Wars of the Roses Brides series, is a Booksellers’ Best Award finalist in the Historical and Best First Book categories.

The Chicago-based Golden Heart® winner has had roles in indie features, web series and national TV commercials, and has voiced hundreds of explainer videos, e-learning courses, commercials and assorted characters.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Five Secrets With Cozy Mystery Writer Marilyn Leach

It's my pleasure to bring you Marilyn Leach and her newest book Enigma of Fire.  
While the book is in pre-order, I just found out that if you order it (and you know you won't be billed until launch day) and Marilyn gets 300 preorders she will go mass market.
So if you're interested, and I love her books, please pre-order.

Before I expose the clandestine features of my life, let me just say thanks to LA for this fun opportunity.  I had an entertaining rummage into some truths that here-to-for have been relatively unknown.

1.  If it was possible, I’d not go food shopping at a big box grocer for the rest of my life.  Door to Door Organics, Schwans, the ice cream man:  all represent my kind of food procurement. They deliver. I will admit to enjoying farmer’s markets, but that’s seasonal in Colorado.  Sadly, endless food delivery is not a viable option for me at the moment.  So I soldier on at Safeway.

2. I’m a fairly good dancer.  I’ve taken classes in tap dancing (now a lost art), ballet, hula, folk, and cowboy line boogies.  I enjoyed them all and have even been complimented.  I also like an occasional silver glistening ball and the party dances it inspires.

3. But then, I’m an incredibly poor dancer.  Anything that relates to being held and guided by a partner is the kiss of mortification for me.  Ballroom dancing lessons, as much as I fancied them along with the dream of effortlessly floating across a romantic flood-lit floor, found me stumbling about, apologizing with every step and turn, and sending dance partners from seventeen to seventy scrambling for the door.

4. I love an occasional flutter at the horse track.  That’s why I don’t go.  For me, it has “bad habit” written all over it.  Only once have I gone home with less money than I brought.  That’s why it spells dangerous.  I discovered a winning technique that worked.  No studying of statistics, odds, or insider knowledge, but a practical winning system none-the-less.  I didn’t take home thousands, but it bolstered the readies.  However, I think I’ll keep my method to myself.  After all, we all need to keep some secrets or we wouldn’t be interesting.  Right?

5.  I can tell you one thing that is clearly not a secret.  I love to write.  And at the top of the list are British cozy mysteries.  I thank God for the opportunity to story-tell and share them with the world.

Now, what secrets are you ready to confess? I invite you to leave a comment. 

When English village, Aidan Kirkwood, experiences an explosive fire, the entire parish is aflame with rumor and innuendo until Berdie Elliott, the scorching sleuth and vicar’s wife, can douse the flames with cold, hard facts that expose the perpetrator. A heroic dog, elusive book, and military champions come together to reveal the enigma of fire.

“Cedric, Don’t chance it. Please,” Doug’s voice trembled as he shot out the command.

“Don’t what?” Berdie asked herself as much as Doug.

“Down, Mrs. Elliott.” Doug’s eyes wide, his breathing was short and rapid for the toil of making his wheels go toward them as fast as he could manage.

“Down? What are you talking about?”

Berdie suddenly experienced a jolt to her body that propelled her to the ground with such force it left her breathless. A stab of pain coursed through her while the reverberation of full-on colliding trains penetrated her ears. The horrific ache that shot through her knees focused her senses as she tried to gather her thoughts. Grass etched itself into her cheek, making it itch. Then the smell of acrid smoke assaulted her nose. She worked to catch a breath of air. What’s happened?

Are you an Agatha Christie fan? Does the thought of an English village make you long to grab your passport and head across the pond? Are cozy mysteries your cup of tea? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss Marilyn Leach’s newest release, Enigma of Fire.

Intrepid heroine Berdie Elliott, a vicar’s wife whose sleuthing skills were honed as an investigative reporter, faces her most challenging mystery yet when her husband’s former military comrades come to the sleepy village of Aiden Kirkwood for a sculling regatta. From its riveting prologue to the final resolution, this story showcases Leach at her best.

~ Amanda Cabot, CBA and ECPA bestselling author

To Buy:


Marilyn Leach is a dyed-in-the-wool British enthusiast who lives lakeside near the Colorado foothills. She enjoys viewing and reading mysteries that originate across the pond. From the Scottish Boarders to Devon, city buzz to rural church bells, she enjoys excursions throughout the beautiful isle that inspire her writing. Her dear friends, who have become like family, live in Reading, England.

Find Marilyn:
Website | Amazon Author Page | Facebook

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Author Spotlight Featuring Lisa Potocar And Her New Novel ~ Train To Glory.

It really is a huge pleasure to have Lisa Potocar return with the sequel to her 
incredible novel Sweet Glory.  
And even though this is set during the Civil War, Train to Glory is timely. 
Read on and you'll see what I mean.

A big bear hug to Leslie Ann for hosting me on her My Story, My Way ~ An Indie Adventure! 

I’m beyond thrilled to be here and to FINALLY have Train to Glory out there, chugging—rather I hope soon to be traveling faster than the speed of a bullet—through the world! Anyhoo, I might be forgetful, but I can never be accused of not listening. And so, before I forgot (snicker, snort), I wrote this historical novel for the majority of readers who suggested a sequel to my first book, Sweet Glory! To boot, they got their wish of Jana’s reunion with her family for the opening scenes.

I wish I could’ve gotten this story to fans sooner, but I never anticipated writing a sequel, and I had already switched gears to another project when I had to make a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn to whip up a plot that could respectably follow Sweet Glory’s. This took some time to iron out, followed by the hefty research and travel required to reconstruct the many historical places featured in Train to Glory, not to mention the writing, editing, and production involved. And, of course, navigating through the nuances of marketing and promotion for Sweet Glory often disrupted my momentum and exhausted my ability to write every day. 

Well, I can’t thank my readers enough for spurring me onward with Jana and company and for hanging in there all of this time. They gifted me a thrilling journey in living and breathing my story, and I hope they’ll enjoy the ride too! I’m especially proud of Train to Glory’s cover of which my publisher so kindly handed over the reins for me to design.

NOTE: For readers of Sweet Glory, you might find Train to Glory’s excerpt below (from the 3rd & 4th pages of Chapter 3) eerily familiar to the opening scenes of SG—insofar as Jana’s in the barn with her parents when trouble comes a calling!

A balmy liquid smelling of fresh milk splattered the nape of Jana’s neck. She jerked, kicking her tin pail; its contents emptied all along the wide plank floors as it rolled with a nerve-wracking clatter rivaling a volley of rifles.

Having grown to loathe loud noises, especially those that mimicked the sounds of battle, Jana plugged her ears until the racket subsided. She swiveled around on her stool to see Pa grinning and aiming a teat at her.

Pa’s merriment abated when he noted Jana’s scowl. “I didn’t mean to create chaos. I just thought you needed some nudging out of your brooding,” he said, knowing full well she’d been despairing over Keeley ever since they’d learned there were around seven hundred Union casualties at Trevilian Station.

Invisible to them from the other side of her cow, Ma called out, “Have you lost your confidence that Keeley will survive the war? From what you’ve told us of his tenacity and good sense, I just know he’ll be all right.”

“Yes, but—,” Jana stopped herself from telling them about the noose around her stomach that was tightening by the minute from her nagging intuition Keeley had run into trouble and was calling out to her for help. They’d just tell her to be patient—there’d be news from him soon. Her delay in returning to the field and failure to be there for him shattered her heart as if it had been hit by flying shards from an exploding shell. She could no longer worry about wrecking Ma and Pa’s joy over having her home; the second they finished milking, she’d tell them of her plans to leave straightaway. Too late in the day to make travel arrangements, she reluctantly fetched her bucket and returned to her stool. She’d just started milking when the drumming of a horse’s hoofs against the lane to the Brady homestead reached their ears.

Who could it possibly be? They weren’t expecting company tonight. The neighboring farmers would be too busy with their own cows right now to visit. And twelve-year-old Eddie Potts who Pa had hired to help with the morning and evening milking wasn’t expected back until after his pa’s furlough from his infantry regiment ended next week. Rising from her stool, Jana ticked off the tempo of the horse’s hoofs, which beat faster as they neared the barn—but not as fast as the anxiety beating against her temples.

Pa scrambled to the wide-open barn doors to await the arrival of their interloper.

Appearing from around the hindquarter of her Holstein, Ma wiped her hands on her apron and wisps of her hair away from her forehead, which was creased in concern.

The rider slowed his gelding, its summer coat frothy with sweat and its nostrils flared and puffing. He’d barely reined his mount to a stop when he leapt from the saddle, his boot soles kicking up dirt as they smacked the dry earth. After hitching his horse to the post outside, he strode toward Pa.

Something in his swagger struck Jana as familiar, but the heavy shadows of late-afternoon loitering just inside the barn’s threshold darkened his face, barring his identity.

Their visitor snatched his leather slouch hat from his head and began twirling it in his stumpy fingers. “Mr. Brady, Mrs. Brady,” he said, paying his respects to Ma and Pa.

To the unmistakable voice, Jana blurted out, “Leanne Perham, is that you?”

The Blurb:
On the Road Again…
Home after having escaped the gallows for spying on the Confederacy, Jana Brady returns to Virginia in search of her soldier-sweetheart, Keeley Cassidy, who is missing from battle. She finds him suffering from amnesia, and she brings him to the Brady farm to recover. Months pass and Keeley’s inability to remember their love or fall in love with Jana all over again constantly frustrates her and confuses him. To give Keeley some breathing room, Jana agrees to travel around New York speaking about her time in uniform. She hops aboard her Train to Glory with high hopes of advancing the cause for women’s suffrage and equal rights.

Jana is kidnapped, and further scare tactics beyond her release attempt to thwart her ultimate goal of speaking before the 88th state legislature. With a wealthy philanthropist funding her tour, and her cavalry comrades and Pinkerton agents watching her back, Jana determines to see her commitment through. She especially refuses to give up when it appears her absence from home is making Keeley’s heart grow fonder for her. But a real threat of assassination looms over her. Will Jana elude death again? Or, at the very least, will Keeley come around to Jana in time to reconcile their love? In her sequel to Sweet Glory, Lisa Potocar masterfully interweaves adventure, romance, and suspense into a sweeping portrayal of the women’s suffrage and equal rights movement and the courage of key figures in history.


Lisa Potocar lives in Upstate New York with her husband and two cuddly keeshonds. Her passion for writing and research stems from her former work in health care administration and as a professor. When not tracking some morsel of history to shape into a story, she is a tomboy at heart who loves to hike and bike and has traveled the world to do it.

Find Lisa:

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Take Five and Meet Non-fiction Author Kelly Boyer Sagert

Kelly not only writes non-fiction, she writes for TV and plays.  
Read on to meet this multi-talented writer.

Welcome to An Indie Adventure, Kelly.  Tell us, what inspired you to write your book, Everything to God in Prayer: A Writer’s Weekly Devotional?

Hi L.A., thanks for hosting me on your blog. I started to write this book when it seemed as though EVERYTHING had gone wrong in my life. My health was spiraling out of control, my work life (income!) was uncertain and my church was undergoing tumultuous changes, including significant financial problems and a revolving door of ministers.

More specifically about my health: I was hospitalized with colon disease and underwent nine surgeries in just 14 months, four of them major and one of them an emergency. Right before my emergency surgery, I’d been told that, without a colostomy, I might not survive the night. With a colostomy, my bodily waste went into an external bag and it was a challenging way for to me to live during the eight months before the colostomy could be safely reversed.

So, like a broken record, these thoughts kept running through my mind: Why me, God? Why does this all need to happen at once? Why now?”

The answers that I wrote were, in fact, devotions, and I decided to publish them to share my experiences in a way that I hope encourages other people to reach out to God in faith and to trust that there is a beautiful and loving plan for their lives. Each one also contains writing exercises, for people who would benefit from them.

What people helped you the most in getting this book published?

I belong to a writer’s group (International Writers Association) where a small press publisher also belongs: James O. Barnes of Loconeal Publishing. As I was working on the manuscript, our older son, Ryan, kept encouraging me to submit a query to James – and so I did. I’m grateful to both of them, as well as to the Reverend Lou Will, who read my manuscript and offered support, encouragement and theological insights – and who wrote the foreword to the book. Plus, John Burroughs of Crisis Chronicles also read the manuscript, both from a copyediting perspective and from a conceptual perspective, offering great suggestions and making key edits. Everyone involved made this a better book.

Are you planning on writing other stories, books?  If so what kind? 

Always! I write full time for a living, so I am always juggling multiple projects. Exciting news! I just discovered that a documentary where I have writing credits (Trail Magic: The Grandma Gatewood Story) is appearing on public television for the first time: on WOUB on June 14th, 2016. This film has been appearing in independent film festivals and will now be shown to a broader audience.

Among other projects, I’m writing my fourth commissioned historical fiction play. I am also writing a guide to help churches start spiritual writing programs in their communities (something that I do in NE Ohio) and I am a co-chair of the annual Northeast Ohio Christian Writer’s Conference.

I am waiting to hear if I have the green light on a local history book proposal. I also ghost blog and write web copy for numerous companies.

Where would you have someone start looking for help with the crisis you've faced?

Well, if the crisis is being defined as colostomy challenges, then I’d suggest the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc. as a place to find resources and support. They publish The Phoenix Magazine with articles specifically for people with ostomies. In fact, I’ve published a couple of articles with them. Overall, I encourage people to reach out to loved ones for support, including their faith communities. And, here is an article that I wrote about the unexpected blessings I encountered during the time I had a colostomy.

Would you share some words of inspiration that you've used to help you through each day?

Every morning, I say to myself: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” On joyful days, this is fun to say. Other mornings, this verse is more of a reminder to trust in God, that he’ll get me through the day. Or, if I realize that I haven’t been focusing enough on gratitude, this verse could be an admonishment to get my attitude and act together. Same words, different nuances.

Give us a brief summary of Everything to God in Prayer: 
“Filled with anecdotes from her own faith journey in the midst of trials, Everything to God in Prayer by Kelly Boyer Sagert is a unique devotional for Christian writers. You will love Kelly’s warm style, grace-filled prayers, and insightful exercises designed to recharge your motivation to write. I highly recommend it!” --Jeanette Levellie, author of Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top, The Heart of Humor, and Shock the Clock: Time Management Strategies for Writers

Buy: You can buy autographed copies of the book (hardback or paperback) from me directly at There, you can also order a Christian poetry magnet set, something I created after not being able to find them anywhere. At Amazon you can order the books as hardback or paperback – and also for Kindle.

Bio: Kelly Boyer Sagert is a member of the prestigious American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and she has a BA degree in psychology. She has extensive experience in book publishing, and her book Trail Magic was made into a PBS documentary. She has been commissioned to write four historical plays and she has also sold thousands of pieces of her writing to magazines, newspapers, online sites, encyclopedias and literary journals.

A former magazine editor, she speaks at writer’s conferences and other venues, including at the American Society of Journalists and Authors Writers Conference, held in New York City, plus those held at The Ohio State University, Youngstown State, Kent State University, Bowling Green State University and Lorain County Community College. She has spoken at Progressive Field (the Cleveland Indians stadium) and the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York, and she appeared on an ESPN2 program called 'The Top Five Reasons You Can't Blame the Black Sox.'

Find Kelly:

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Simply The Best ~ International Digital Award Winner Collection: Kathy L Wheeler

Buy The Collection for 99¢:


Presale: May 10th
Release: May 17th

Today I'm introducing you to award-winning author Kathy L Wheeler.

The Mapmaker’s Wife - Sweet Historical Civil War Romance

Creating maps for the Union is less than satisfying after a war-ending injury and learning his childhood friend was in love with his late wife. But now both are dead and John Williams is left with an angry child no one can control, he’s not even certain is his own.

A flippant proposal and an attack on her person finds Elizabeth Ruthers married to a mapmaker whose only need of her is taking control of his ungovernable child. Feelings quickly shift into something more hopeful. But when the enemy gains vital secrets, her suspicions land her behind bars.

Kathy L Wheeler (aka Kae Elle Wheeler) has a BA in Management Information Systems from the

University of Central Oklahoma that includes a vocal minor. She loves the NFL, the NBA, musical theater, travel, reading, writing and just to scratch the singing itch....karaoke.

She is a member of the Oklahoma Romance Writers and The Beau Monde, and has served several positions within her Oklahoma Chapter. Kathy lives in Edmond with her attorney and musically talented husband Al. She has one grown daughter who has an adorable baby boy, and one bossy cat, who acts as if she were the rescuer rather than the rescue!!

Find Kathy: 
Website | Blog | FacebookTwitter | LinkedIn | Google+ |Amazon page | Pinterest | AboutMe.weekly

You've met us all, we hope you love the collection.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Simply The Best ~ International Digital Award Winner Collection: Charity Tahmaseb

Buy The Collection for 99¢:


Presale: May 10th
Release: May 17th

Today I'm introducing you to award-winning author Charity Tahmaseb

The Fine Art of Keeping Quiet -Young adult (contemporary)

Sophomore Jolia does the one thing no one expects from the girl who has perfected the art of keeping quiet.

She joins the speech team.

Jolia can't confess the real reason-not to her best friend, her new teammates, or even to crush-worthy rival Sam who offers to coach her in secret.

Keeping quiet might be the easy way out, but when what Jolia doesn't say starts to hurt those around her, it might just cost her a best friend, her spot on the team, and even Sam.

But she isn't the only one with a secret. It's going to take words-her words-to make things right.

If only Jolia can find them.

Charity Tahmaseb has slung corn on the cob for Green Giant and jumped out of airplanes (but not at the same time).
She spent twelve years as a Girl Scout and six in the Army; that she wore a green uniform for both may not be a coincidence. These days, she writes fiction (long and short) and works as a technical writer for a software company in St. Paul.

Her novel, The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading (written with co-author Darcy Vance), is a YALSA 2012 Popular Paperback pick in the Get Your Geek On category.

Find Charity:
Website/blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Tomorrow Meet Kathy L Wheeler

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Simply The Best ~ International Digital Award Winners Collection: Cynthia A. Clement

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Preorder: May 10th
Release: May 17th

Today I'm introducing you to bestselling author, Cynthia A. Clement.

aHunter4Rescue - Paranormal

Ardal is the leader of a unit of elite alien warriors known as Hunters. All Hunters have been deemed dangerous and ordered executed. His decision to escape sends their ship plummeting to Earth. When Fiona risks her life to help his men, Ardal swears to protect her. The last thing he expects is to be attracted to Fiona, especially when it is forbidden for a Hunter to mate.

Fiona is in hiding from an abusive stalker. Her life changes forever when she witnesses the crash landing of a group of alien prisoners. She helps the injured and goes on the run with the aliens as they elude the government agencies that are pursuing them. She grows to trust Ardal, their leader as time and again he proves that he will do anything to keep her safe.

Bio: Cynthia Clement is an Amazon bestselling and award-winning author who began writing stories in her teens. She believes in second chances, exploring new ideas, and bringing the impossible to life. Her novels, whether contemporary, historical, or science fiction, all focus on love, honor, and intrigue.

Cynthia spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book. She began writing stories in her teens, but it wasn’t until her forties that she took her writing seriously. She enjoys reading and collecting books, quilting, gardening, ghost hunting, and great conversation. She has a BSc in Biology and a BA in anthropology and recently graduated from nursing. She lives in Canada with her husband of thirty-one years, her teenaged son, and two dachshunds.

Find Cynthia:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Tomorrow meet Charity Tahmaseb

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Simply The Best ~ International Digital Award Winners Collection: L.A. Sartor

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Presale: May 10th
Release: May 17th

Today I'm introducing you to Bestselling and Award-winning author, L.A. Sartor

Be Mine This Christmas Night - Short Contemporary

The Children's Author …
Annie Hamilton's children's series Star Light~Star Bright is a mega hit. She loves kids and wants nothing more than a family of her own, but twice burned, thrice shy. When a gorgeous man with two young boys moves next door, Annie can't help but dream her impossible dream.
And The Widower Who Moved Next Door …
Cole Evans is a brilliant scientist, but finds fatherhood a challenge. When his son develops a bond with their enchanting neighbor, the boy’s favorite author, Cole discovers just how much he's lost—and how much he needs.
Will Their Wish Come True This Christmas Night?
Can Cole overcome family meddling and alleviate Annie's fears so they can be a ready-made family?

L.A. Sartor is a bestselling, award-winning author. She began telling stories around the age of 4when her mother, at L.A.’s insistence, wrote them down and L.A. illustrated them. As an adult, she writes suspense and action-adventure novels with a dash of romance, and screenplays—she's had a contracted adaptation!

She lives in Colorado with her husband whom she met on a blind date. L.A. loves to travel and thinks life is an adventure and we should embrace the journey. She has a blog and a mailing list.

Find L.A.: 

Tomorrow meet Cynthia A. Clement