Monday, January 3, 2022

Are You Sure Your Computer Is Completely Backed Up? Time To Check.

Don't Forget This ~ The Big 3 Annual Reminder

I mention this every year because I think it's so important if you do any work 
on your computer. 

And this past year, I'm so thankful I took my own advice as one of my external drives crashed!!!! OMGoodness. After my panic attack I was able to use my 3rd suggestion and saved decades of photos and digital art.

It's the BIG 3. 

Local, external hard drive (EHD) or flash drive, and off-site. 

1) Local means backing up in backup software on your computer. However, if you have a hard drive (HD) crash or system failure, you may be out of luck.

2) EHD's give you the security of having another source of your backup, and make sure you store them safely. However, EHD's and flash drives can fail (see below), or you can mistakenly erase them. Gulp. 

And while the above two practices are important, they are USELESS if you have a fire or other catastrophe or they fail on you. Am I trying to scare you? Yep, a bit. 

Yes, you can store your EHD in a safety deposit box or a fireproof safe, rated with a high burn time. And that's not a bad idea, but what if you have to drive to the bank as off site storage ... will you do it all the time? Some folks will, but I'm not one of them, especially now. SO... 

This is the one that saved me totally

3) The third prong in my backup attack is to use off-site backup. I use two, because I'm a bit redundant, if you haven't noticed. I use Dropbox for all my writing, so I can access and keep a backup as I work, offsite. 

My other choice for offsite backup is BackBlaze. I've used them for years and trust them. If you need a single file or your entire system, it's there for you. 

I don't think $9/month is too much to pay to have my photographs, work...basically life backed up continuously. YES, continuously. They will back up each HD on your computer and each EHD that you have attached, continuously. 

Yes, all that for $9/month. If you have more than one computer to back up, it's another $9/month. 

So please, take a look at the systems you have in place to back up your data and see if you have the BIG 3.

Happy New Year, 

(Yes, I'm an affiliate and may earn a small commission. There is no additional charge to you.)


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