Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Authors exercise their "write" to self-publish on CBS Sunday Morning

Wow, this is a must watch.

Excerpt from: "(CBS News) Even John Lennon - a Beatle - needed a publisher for his first book, "In His Own Write," back in 1964. Today authors nobody ever heard of can publish their own work all by themselves . . . in their own "write," as it were. Our Cover Story is reported now by Rita Braver:

...Richard Paul Evans went from a 700-square-foot Salt Lake City house to a much larger one, all because of a little tale he wrote for his daughters."

Author Stephanie Bond is interviewed, as well as Jamie Rabb chief of Grand Central Publishers and Lev Grossman Time Magazine book critic and published author.

The report also mentions the Espresso Book Machine, which I did a blog on in Sept.

I'm very excited for Indie Publishing! Watch the clip to the end.  It's inspiring...I'm not giving up, I'm finding a way. 



  1. Even John Lennon, huh? It's nice to be reminded that some great successes came from self determination to prove themselves.

    Keep boosting our spirits, Leslie!

  2. Thanks Audra. I so believe in Indie Publishing. It's not instant success most the time, but we can start and build.

    It's the start that is so important :)


  3. Traditional publishing has its advantages--they're just different from those in Indie publishing. I've done both and was fortunate to have two wonderful publishers, but indie is the way for me now. I like the freedom to do it my way and the MUCH faster time frame.

    Leslie, your book is so good. I'm glad you published Date to Believe and I didn't have to wait years to read it.