Saturday, February 16, 2013

Guy Kawsaki's 10 Social Media Tips for Authors--Great Link!!

This is a great post on Social Media and the "Platform".  I enjoyed reading it because it was active, interesting and gave me a different perspective on the concept.

Whether you're just beginning to build your platform or a veteran at social media, click on the link and read this.

I'm going to have more information on platforms and the importance of building a great one.



  1. Wonderful tips we should all keep in mind. I especially like Stay Positive or Stay Silent--nothing worse than a Negative Nellie to shut down a pleasant conversation.

    BTW, I notice you've got "4. Curate, don't create" down to a science : ) Good for you!!

  2. Thanks Audra,
    Difference perspectives is what I'm trying to bring to the blog.

    It will hit us all in differing ways and thus one way may hit you a great way to approach something.

    I like the "stay positive..." as well.