Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scriptscene's RWA Mini Conference In Atlanta

Join Scriptscene RWA for our Annual Mini-Conference
—with programs for novelists and screenwriters alike—
as we proudly present
PJ’s Productions & Evelyn Morgan 
 … and door prizes, too! 
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Room M302
265 Peachtree Center Avenue – Atlanta, Georgia 30303
July 17, 2013 from 12:30PM to 4:30PM
$15 Scriptscene Members,  
$25 for non members 1-year Membership and the Mini-Conference
PJ Productions is a full video production and editing service located in western
Kentucky (Madisonville). In addition to producing book trailers, part of the Big
Biting Pig Production team produces independent feature films in the region.

Why You Need a Book Trailer
2 hours
Purpose: To provide authors a behind the scenes look at how a book trailer is
produced, including:
— Benefits of having a book trailer
— Pros and Cons of producing a book trailer on your own
— Essential elements of successful trailers
— Writing the script for your trailer
— Selecting music, images, and text
— How to hire actors for your trailer

Benefits: Participation in this workshop will help the authors to:
— Communicate their written work in visual terms
— Understand the importance of book trailers
— Reach a wider audience
— Increase sales
— Promote their books
— Enliven their websites
— Drive traffic to their tables during conventions and festivals
About Us
PJ Woodside has an MFA in fiction writing. She has published both fiction and
nonfiction and has written four screenplays, one of which was produced as a
radio play at The International Mystery Writers™ Festival. As an award winning
director, actress and editor, PJ understands how to create video based on your

Felicia Stewart has completed two romance novels, is a former member of RWA and
is experienced in script writing, producing and directing live action book

We are in a unique position to create live action Book Trailers:
— We have made exciting movie trailers for our seven films
— We have contact with many actors and locations
— We have a high definition camera, lights, sound equipment
— We have a large fan base to share your Book Trailers with
— We know how to tell a story with visual images!

From Evelyn Morgan
Skookum: The Making of the Film 1 Hour Presentation

Have fun with RWA Member Lyn Morgan as we see how an independent film gets made
from script to film. As a first timer at this, Lyn will tell all from what she
calls day one of the process all the way through post production. You will learn
how things happen, the time sequence of what happens when, experience the pure
joy of this undertaking. And the sheer terror because a first timer makes
mistakes. Find out what indie filmmaking is all about.

Bio – Evelyn “Lyn” Morgan
 With eight children, ten grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, what should
an old gray granny do? Bake cookies? Babysit? Not me, though not many I know
would try what I did and begin a writing career that encompasses publication of
one true crime book, two romantic suspense novels, and a medical thriller plus
two scripts that have been made into motion pictures.

I’ve also written several more scripts and have five completed thriller and
other genre manuscripts making the rounds of editors and agents at this time.

I am a songwriter as well and an original song, THIS ROAD, was performed in the
motion picture SKOOKUM. THIS ROAD like SKOOKUM is one of the works co-written by fellow RWA member Deborah King McMartin and me.

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