Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Encounter With a Book Club ~ As Featured Author

Frankly, while I was thrilled to learn that a book club had chosen my book and had asked me to come visit them and discuss that book, I was terrified at the same time.

Mind you, I'm not afraid of meeting new people and anyone who knows me is aware I can talk up a storm with the best of them. 

But this was MY first book, my first child and I was actually going to hear live, not in a written review of what they thought of it.  I think most creative people are all somewhat fearful that what they put out there will be liked or ridiculed. I was no exception.


Well the 5-W's, The Wild Women of Wisdom, Wine and Words, couldn't have been more fun, gracious and interesting.

Christine, Nina, Missy, Diane, Gayle, Dayle, Jessie, Karen and Rose, thank you so much for having me.  You all hold a special part of my heart as my very first book club.

Christine isn't in the picture...she took the picture

I'd prepared myself for all sorts of questions, but all the answers flew out of my head as the questions started coming.  Why I picked that cover? What was my theme,? What was my schedule and work flow like? Why Jason acted the way he did and my character's pasts. Did I think it was a romance or a kidnapping?  Why change the cover?

In turn I got to ask them if the characters rang true, did the conflict work for them, was it what they expected, did it satisfy them, did they want to throw it against the wall or stay up and read it? Did the Cate scene when she found her daughter, (no spoiler alert here, promise) drive them to tears as it did me?

They also offered great suggestions for future books and made me think. We didn't always agree, but hey, what more could an author ask for?


There was wine, food, great conversation and I left feeling stronger as a writer, more confident as an author. I found new friends and maybe they'll read my other books. But that's not the reason for my new found confidence.  It was because they'd read a book of mine and enjoyed it and I got to watch their faces as they said so.

And I believe I even found beta readers for my upcoming release.

So, if you're invited to a book club as featured author, jump at the chance.

I want to do more.  So you if you have a book club...find me at and use the contact me link.  I'd love to be there.  In person, via Skype chat or Google hangout.  We can make it work.


  1. What a fun book club - and fun post!

    I have been the guest at a book club, and I loved it! The group comments were insightful, the whole experience was a joy. I was on a high for days after because I made new friends. (We even did a group ghost tour a year or so later!)

    Hail to the 5Ws, and to book clubs everywhere!

    Nancy Haddock