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Meet Guy Ogan ~ And Why He Decided To Write Vampire Books

I enjoy finding out why authors start books. Is it a calling, a need to say something, to teach a lesson, change a life, find a history?   Or like me, simply the love of telling a good story.
Please welcome G. D. Ogan to An Indie Adventure.

Here is Guy's story;
I started writing because I wasn't good at speaking in front of more than one or two people and always felt self-conscious, shy I guess. When I had something to say, it felt more natural to write it out, then read it to see if what I wrote is what I really wanted to Notice I didn't say edit or check spelling or sentence structure, those are not my strengths to put it mildly. 

When I was younger, my favorite activity was long distance running where I got the runner's high, the release of endorphins - the brain's "feel good chemical." While running 30 miles a day, as well as school and college left little time for a social life, it did allow me to write about my passion for running. "The Long Distance Log" and a couple of other small magazines, geared to runners, published what I sent.

I was in ROTC in college, where I met my future wife in my senior year, then I was commissioned upon graduation and getting married all within a span of three days. 

In the Air Force I wrote "how to" articles dealing with logistics, avoiding hazards and emergency response. After retiring, I completed a second psychology related graduate degree, writing a assessment book, "Can Anyone Help My Child?" about Attention Deficit Disorder, and I went to work for the Department of Criminal Justice for the State of Texas where I wrote programs on recovery from addition to help the inmates as well as clinical staff on dealing with them.

My father passed away and I retired from the State of Texas to care for my mother who had Alzheimer's. Upon her passing, I had the task of clearing out my parents' extensive files (my father had a large room full of file cabinets). It took over 50 of the largest, strongest, Lawn & Yard Bags to dispose of files going back into the 1920s.
It was here that I found the age-yellowed and stained envelope that changed my life.
As I threw it in the trash, it made a "click" indicating that there was something small and thin I hadn't noticed inside the envelope. I found the old Black and White Photograph of my father, as a young man, standing in front of the clock at Prague, Czechoslovakia's City Hall. He had scrawled "PRAGUE, CZECHOSLOVAKIA" on the back, but underneath that was a very feminine handwritten, "I will always be waiting here." 
I remembered all the things my mother had said all those decades before and had made no sense then. "He is over there with her!" "He has had a child in Czechoslovakia!" 
That night I couldn't sleep and the story of "Immortal Relations" came to me like a runaway train. I spent the next three days and most of the nights on the computer. I was typing at a speed that even today I can't match, it was as if I were taking dictation.
So, that is how most of the first novel came to be, with a bit of military technology added from my own knowledge.
The first novel has been called "Erotic" but it didn't feel that way when I "transcribed it." Rather it all seemed to be the natural state of vampire "explicit togetherness" as I prefer to call s-e-x. All of the detail in that regards was, and still is, rather shocking to my family. I did modify a little of a few of the scenes involving the explicit togetherness as recommended by my wife, who was most helpful by editing it. "IMMORTAL RELATIONS" This Adult Paranormal Romance starts with finding the real life picture that proved that my late father had a "tryst" immediately following WW-II. 
One of the few who have read it wrote a five-star comment containing: "I believe I have found my holy grail of vampire novels." "IMMORTAL RELATIONS, LOVE AND WAR" The "explicit togetherness" has been reduced in the sequel, not because I have anything against it, but there is just too much war and ecological disasters for my "guardian vampires" to play as much as in the first book. My vampires have to keep a war between China and Russia from going nuclear, correcting the damage done to Russia's Oil Program by evil OPEC ministers using Islamic Jihadists and safeguarding mankind from the threat of the failing cap at Chernobyl and, what some scientists have called a potential "Extinction Level Event," the collapse of the damaged reactor building at Fukushima, Japan.

My third in the series, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS COMING OUT" is in progress. This deals with allowing humans to be made aware that vampires are not just a story, fable or myth, but do in fact exist. Great trouble comes from that bit of information, even though my vampires have protected humans for ages from the other type of vampires, human criminals and most dangerous of all, power-mad politicians! Governments, never wanting to "let a catastrophe go to waste," twist the facts to try and abrogate human rights for the sake of safety, when their real motivations are just the opposite! This novel should be out in both print and e-files this October.

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  1. Thanks for having me on your Blog Leslie Ann! Being as open as I was about what generated the series hurt a little...I know his actions hurt my mother's feelings. Other than his tryst, he was an very good man, extremely strong and dependable. He was loved and respected by all who knew him, he just proved he was human and could make a mistake.