Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm It ~ Tagged In The Writing Process Blog Tour

I don't usually do blog tours, but the on-the-edge-of-your-chair, don't-turn-out-the-lights suspense writer, Polly Iyer tagged me for the Writing Process Blog Tour.  Lucky me.  

If you haven't read Polly's books, check out either of these links and find an awesome new author you'll love.  Goodreads and Amazon

The Writing Process Questions

Q: What are you working on? 

LA: Two new books, both part of their series. VIKING GOLD, set in Norway, the second book in the Carswell Adventure Series, this time featuring Abby Carswell and Hermann Weiss, whom you met in The Stone of Heaven, Book 1.  Viking Gold is about betrayal, sacrifice, greed and of course, love.  Oh, yes, and there is treasure.  Due out this summer.  

And my other book, untitled as yet, is the second in my Christmas Series, Star Light ~Star Bright and feature's Annie's best friend Jen.  Due out around or before Thanksgiving.  

Q. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

LA: All my books have romance in them in varying degrees, but I do my best to make the romance resonate as an integral part of the story, not as an add on.  Some say romance is formulaic to which I respond, if a HEA (Happily Ever After) is formulaic, then yes, but how they get there...isn't.  I work hard to craft a story that pulls you in and leaves you wanting more.  Thus the series.

Q. Why do you write what you do?

LA: I love HEA's, with the added caveat, I love them if they feel real.  Love is one of the most powerful emotions we feel. It can lead to incredible feats or deep darkness. Love isn't silly, or weak or only feminine.  It's universal.  

Q. How does your writing process work?

LA: I have an office, a wonderful space in which I craft my stories, a space that is dedicated to the process I go through.  I hate it when it's messy, because it distracts me.  I write for an hour or two or three if I can, usually M-F.  I have a life outside of writing that feeds my other desires. Walking, nature, a garden, travel, sitting in the sun. But all that feeds my writing as well. And I have a husband who understands that I must, I have to do this. Writing is a part of me. It sounds simple, and maybe it is.  But if I don't do this, I feel the loss.

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I'm so pleased to tag two more wonderful authors; Rogenna Brewer who has an incredible mix of romantic genres. And Audra Harders who makes tears and laughter come in the same page.  
Take it away ladies.


  1. L.A., your books are a delight to read. I agree about formulas--if HEA is a formula, I'm all for it. But I do love how your characters get there and all they go through on the way. They're real people with real problems and hangups, and I can't wait to see what happens to Abby and the fascinating Hermann in VIKING GOLD.

  2. LA! I'm so glad you have TWO books scheduled for this year!! Love the cover of Viking Gold and can't wait to read it.

    HEA is mandatory for books I read, otherwise, what's the point? Yes, I'm a die-hard romantic. I've never ever thought to change.

    And your characters give me that satisfying ahhhhh moment that keep me coming back for more : )

    Can't wait for Abby and Hermann!!