Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Friday Recipe of the Month Is The Easiest French Market Chicken Dinner You'll Ever Make ~ Really

Gary saw this show on Food Network where Ina Garten was talking about Paris and food, and how she would often walk down a street and see rotisseries filled with plump chickens. Nestled below were potatoes that absorb all the drippings...are you salivating yet?  

So she came up with a simple recipe. We've adapted it and made it even simpler, same results.

3 Ingredients.  THREE!!

~Rotisserie Chicken (we get Costco's)
~A loaf of Artisan bread (we get Costco's Olive Oil and Rosemary)
~Chicken broth.

Put the chicken in a pan or baking dish, and add chicken broth, we use about 16oz.

Cover with foil and put in warm oven or warming drawer.  You're not cooking the chicken you're just blending flavors.  And if you don't have time, just warm the rotisserie juices with the chicken broth.

Cut up the bread into cubes.  Bigger than stuffing size. At least 1/2". We cut them 3/4 to 1".

Place the bread on a platter.

Cut up chicken, 

Pour on broth and serve.  The bread absorbs the broth and it's heavenly.  Really.

Serve with a crisp salad, like Caesar.

Simple and delish, even gourmet.


Here is a short excerpt from Stone of Heaven, Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series. 

Book Two in the series is Viking Gold and is scheduled to publish late 2014.  

Both are Romantic Adventure stories, filled with danger, treasure, suspense and of

AND I have a trailer for Stone of Heaven that will be out in a few days.  Stay tuned for the post.

Short Excerpt: 
Deep in the Yucatan jungle . . .
Siesta forgotten, Jacinto pushed the broad leaf aside and saw several blue pebbles twinkling in the sunlight.
Scooping them into his palm, awed that they glowed so brightly, he was certain they must be worth much. He carefully pushed the pebbles deep into the pocket of his pants, making sure they were safe, then scrabbled in the sodden underbelly of the rainforest for more.
As he dug deeper into the mud, a sting crossed his palm. He jerked back his hand, fearful an asp had bitten him. But a gash, not bite holes, bled through the mud covering his palm. Relieved, he carefully started to dig deeper.
Soon the broken edge of a thick blue stone poked above the mud.
Excited that it had to be more valuable than the pebbles and forgetting caution, Jacinto thrust his hand deep into the muck, folding his fingers around the object, holding tight despite the sharp edge slicing deeper into his palm.
Freeing the egg-sized piece, he wiped his prize on his shirt and stared with awe at the intricately carved corner, broken off something he couldn't imagine.


  1. Now that's a recipe I can sink my teeth into, Leslie Ann! Thanks for sharing. I soooo can't wait to try it. Sorry I've been absent from social media of late. I hope to get back on track soon....

  2. Lisa, I apologize in advance for the bad pun, but you've had a lot on your plate.

    This really is as delish as it is simple.

    Hugs to you and your family.