Monday, September 29, 2014

Take Five with Author Jane M. Choate

Take Five is a fast and fun way to learn about authors you're unfamiliar with, 
or new facts from your favorites.

Today I'm so happy to bring you Jane M. Choate,
multi-published author 33 books and over 500 articles.
I'm a lucky girl to be able to call her a friend.  

Welcome to An Indie Adventure, Jane.  Tell us, what inspired you to write your book Keeping Watch?
Keeping Watch has two wounded souls desperately needing love.  I love the idea of wounded people finding love and finding in love healing power.  Healing power comes ultimately from the Savior, who is the greatest healer. 
How do you use setting to further your story?

I believe that setting can be a character.  For Keeping Watch, I chose the genteel setting of Atlanta, contrasting the gracious way of life that the heroine Dani Barclay is accustomed to with the seamy side of life she encounters with her job as a Deputy District Attorney.

How do you construct your characters?

I don’t so much construct my characters as listen to them.  When my characters are “in the groove,” they talk to me and tell me what they should be doing.

How is your main character completely different than you?

My main character Dani is strong enough to fight for justice in the courtroom.  My introverted nature would never allow me to do that.

Tell us something about yourself we might not expect!

I have had a TRO (temporary restraining order) taken out against me when I confronted a woman who took advantage of my elderly father.  My temper got the best of me.

Give us a brief summary of  Keeping Watch :
Atlanta Deputy District Attorney is being stalked.  She confronts the man she believes is the stalker, only to find that he is an ex-Delta soldier whom her father hired to protect her.  Jake Rabb is wounded, in both body and and soul.  He doesn’t want the job of bodyguard, but he is committed to protecting Dani.  Together, they search for the truth and discover that it lies much closer to home than they ever imagined.

Bio:  Jane M. Choate has been reading and writing ever since she can remember.  She used to entertain her friends at lunch time with made-up stories about them.  The stories grew more outlandish as her vocabulary and imagination grew.  Getting paid to write is a dream come true (except when the characters won’t talk to her!).

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  1. I just preorder Jane's book. Looking forward to reading it. Way to go, Jane. LA, thanks for posting this! Dena Netherton

  2. Hi Dena,
    Thanks for visiting. Jane's book is wonderful, and I'm thinking she's writing Shelly's story next. Wait until you meet Shelly in the story.

    Jane has a wonderful voice for this type of story and I'm so glad Love Inspired Suspense agreed :)


  3. I enjoyed the Take Five. I wasn't able to get on until late, but eager to read the interview.