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Five Secrets From Co-Authors Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

Today we learn 5 secrets from Co-Authors Erin McRae and Rachline Maltese.

Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese are authors of the gay romance series Love in Los Angeles, set in the film and television industry (Starling (September 10, 2014), Doves (January 21, 2015), and Phoenix (June 10, 2015)), all from Torquere Press. Their gay romance novella Midsummer (Love’s Labour 1), about a summerstock Shakespeare company, is from Dreamspinner Press (May 2015). They also  have a story in Best Gay Romance 2015 from Cleis Press and edited by Felice Picano. Racheline is a NYC-based performer and storyteller; Erin is a writer and blogger based in Washington, D.C. They write stories and scripts about the intersection of private lives, fame, and desire. You can find them on the web at

Hi Erin and Racheline, welcome once again to My Story ~ My Way, An Indie Adventure. Please tell us Five Secrets we may not know about Doves (Love in Los Angeles, Book 2) or you, but will after today!
1)  One of our characters is autistic. We’re not sure if anyone’s noticed yet, but we think once they do, a lot more of what this character does and how they interact with the world will make sense. It wasn’t a conscious decision to make them autistic, either -- rather, the character informed us that they are on the spectrum.
2) This book is really dark, but it was actually much darker in earlier edits. 
3) Chekhov's gun doesn’t go off. And if you start the book, you’ll probably know pretty quickly what that is. But it doesn’t go off, and we never intended it to, but we keep hearing from readers who are shocked it didn’t. Which may mean our readers think we’re even more messed up than we are, which we’ll take as a compliment!
4) The baby will be a girl.
5) Near the start of the story, Paul and Alex, our protagonists, travel to Paul’s family farm in South Carolina. On the property is a cricket barn, where they raise crickets to sell for bait. Paul thinks this is normal; Alex is appalled. But the cricket barn is actually a real thing that exists! One of our first readers let us crib it from his own life.

Blurb :
The ties that bind...

Two years after the events of Starling, Cinderella story and star of The Fourth Estate J. Alex Cook is living happily ever after with his boyfriend, television writer Paul Marion Keane. But when Paul’s pilot, Winsome, AZ, gets picked up, the competing demands of their high-profile careers make them question their future together.

...can tear you apart

As Paul becomes increasingly absent from their relationship, Alex tries to regain control of his private life and establish a career path independent of Fourth's enigmatic, and at times malevolent, showrunner Victor. But the delicate web of relationships that connects Alex, Paul, and their friends — including Alex's excitable ex-lover Liam and his no-nonsense fiancĂ©e Carly — threatens to unravel.

With the business of Hollywood making it hard to remember who he is when the whole world isn’t watching, Alex is forced to confront major changes in the fairytale life he never wanted as he discovers that love in Los Angeles often looks nothing like the movies.

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  1. Hi Erin and Racheline, I'm glad to have you as return guests. Sounds like the series is going strong.