Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Get Hooked On Stone of Heaven with #MFRWHooks, #MFRWauthor

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Today I'm baiting the hook for Stone of Heaven.

In the short hand of Hollywood you could say it's Romancing The Stone meets Indiana Jones.

Set in the mystical and hot Yucatan, Stone of Heaven started out as a screenplay and won the attention of several producers, one of whom was told to buy by his female assistant.  She loved it because it has strong central female characters.  WOOT.  Alas, the film has yet to be made, but I loved the story so much I wrote the book.

Here is a snippet, their first real kiss. The setting is a raging river, Tori Carswell has just rescued Reid Hunter.

Touching his face, she ran a finger around his lips until he opened them and his mouth took her finger, his tongue caressing it, sending a hot arrow of pure need straight to her belly.
And she was going to warm him up.
He settled against her, molding his body to her contours as his mouth captured her lips in a kiss so soft, so gentle it stole her breath.
Her hand crept up to his head, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. One part of her dimly realized she felt close-cropped hair, not hat, but then the primal instinct to celebrate their defeat of death overtook all her senses.
Canting one leg over his hips, she felt his male response to her kisses, and heady feminine power filled her. A new and decidedly wicked power.

For the Adventurer and Romantic in all of us
 STONE OF HEAVEN, Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series
Hurricane Michaela lashes the Yucatan Coast and uncovers what had best been left buried, the fabled Stone of Heaven.
Two twins couldn't be more different…
Tori Carswell is happy with her simple if reclusive life. But she worries about her younger twin, Abby, an adventure junkie seeking increasingly dangerous quests.

When Abby vanishes in the Yucatan rainforest, feared captive of an ancient Mayan cult, Tori leaves her safe life behind and sets off to save her, believing she is her sister's only hope.

Then, deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle, Tori unexpectedly runs into her sister's ex-partner, Reid Hunter. A ridiculously  handsome Southern gentleman without a conscience, interested in only one thing.


He'll help Tori rescue her sister in return for all the treasure—the fabled blue jade called the Stone of Heaven.

The two rescuers couldn't be more different…
Tori can't trust him, even as she's drawn to the excitement and the raw masculinity that Reid wears like a second skin.

Will he help save her sister or will he put riches before life…and love?


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  1. Sounds good, L.A. I once spent some time in the Yucatan, visiting the Mayan sites. Very interesting area.

  2. Steamy. And not just because of the jungle.

  3. Hi Lyndi,
    Thanks for visiting. Isn't that area of the world fascinating? The minute I saw it the screenplay was born...then the book.


  4. Hi Jill,
    At first I said What??? then I remembered I posted their first kiss. Ha, not enough sleep :)

    Glad you liked it.


  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for visiting. Glad you liked the snippet, I hope you can find the book and will enjoy it.


  6. You had me hooked at "Romancing The Stone meets Indiana Jones" :-)