Friday, March 27, 2015

Last Friday of the Month Recipe by Chocolatier and Author Nikki Woolfolk

Bonjour All!

Last week I had a Facebook party launching my interconnected dessert company that is closely tied to my Steampunk novella series Sweet & Steamy. Lebeau Chocolates & Confections is your Steampunk chocolatier, but while making elaborate and whimsical desserts, the classics are always a customer favorite. Though you can use vanilla for a classic flavor, you may add the twist of orange for more of a twist!

When making hand-rolled chocolate truffles you’ll need two batches of chocolate. You’ll need one batch for the ganache (chocolate center) and the other batch of chocolate to be the outer shell coating.

When using the chocolate for the shell coating you can dip your firm rolled ganache into warmed chocolate or you can place a little melted chocolate in your hand and roll the ganache ball around the center of your palm until the ganache is fully coated. Wait for it to harden then dip or roll once more and let dry. Remember the thinner the shell the better it will taste when you bite into the soft ganache center.

You can experiment with the use of cream by substituting Heavy Cream for either Crème Fraiche or Coconut Cream. Note that it will change the flavor of your finished product.

You’re also going to need a cookie sheet and parchment or wax paper for the rolled ganache to sit on.

When creating your truffles know that it is not just the inside that should taste good, but the outside that should be pleasant to the eye. Have fun and explore your decorative side when putting the finishing touches on your chocolate creations!

Dark Chocolate

1 tsp Orange Extract or Vanilla extract (classic)
1/2 cup of Heavy Cream or Cream Fraiche
8 oz. of Bittersweet Dark Chocolate (Ghiradelli’s), finely chopped (1)

Shell coating
2 to 4 oz. of Dark Chocolate 70% (Callebaut), finely chopped (2)
Cocoa Powder for rolling the shell coated truffles in

  •        Place the 8oz of chocolate in a Pyrex mixing bowl and set to the side.
  •        Place Cream in a sauce pan and heat until gentle rolling boil. Do not scorch.
  •        Take the Cream off the eye and stir in extract then pour the cream over the chocolate.
  •      Let sit for 1 minute then gently stir until smooth.
  •        Either let cool at room temp or place in refrigerator for a few hours until ganache is firm to the touch
  •      Using a small ice cream scooper roll out ½ oz. sized ganache and use your palm to roll them into spherical shapes. Place them on the parchment/cookie sheet.
  •        Once finished place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool. While waiting warm the leftover chocolate for the shell coating.
  •        Remove cooled ganache balls and roll in chocolate and place on parchment to harden. Do this a second time. All ganache should be coated twice. Wait between each dipping or else you will have a thick coat that is not pleasant to bite into, think delectable dessert. It should be a light crunch not a dessert that needs a hammer and chisel to get into, okay? Okay.
  •      Either dust with Cocoa Powder, Shaved Chocolates, or leave it to be displayed in all its naked chocolate glory!

Nikki Woolfolk (@NikkiWoolfolk)  is the author of multiple Steampunk (Sweet & Steamy series) and Cozy Food Mystery stories and a Professional Chocolatier. 

Until a dozen years ago she feared all kitchens, but found inspiration from a film about a rat who longed to cook in a French kitchen and swiftly made her way to a NYC culinary school.

Working as a stagiere anywhere she could Nikki received her Advanced Pastry and Chocolatier Certification and has worked with some of the top chefs in her field. Nikki enjoys taking her readers on culinary adventures in a spectacular cogged and geared world with the perfect recipe of fun and adventure with a dash of wit! 

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  1. Nikki, you make this sound easy. :-) Maybe I'll gather my courage, ignore the scales, and try it.
    Leslie Ann, have you made them?

  2. Hmmm, I wonder where my comment went on Friday?

    Hi Nikki, Welcome to the blog. I adore truffles and can't wait to make this recipe.

    And I love reading Steampunk, so what a lovely combination, eating truffles, and reading a great book...

    And coffee :)


  3. Hi Ellis,
    I've made truffles and they're not hard to make. I haven't made Nikki's yet, but having a recipe from a Chocolatier, you can bet I'm going to try it and add maybe add Grand Marnier.

    Nikki, what do you think about that?


  4. Ellis, there's no way you can go wrong. It's chocolate. Whether you measure it right or wrong...chocolate! win/win!

    Leslie, if using alcohol make sure to adjust your liquid ratio a little. Personally, I omit the cream from many of my basic truffle recipes if I use alcohol.