Friday, January 15, 2016

CLASS FLASH: Online Screenwriting Class from a Master!

I'm so excited to tell you about this class. Taught by multi-produced screenwriter, Robert Gosnell, it's the perfect way to learn the basics of the craft. Robert teaches in-person classes all the time, but this one is online and paced over a month!

You do NOT need to be a member of RWA/KOD to enroll for this class!

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Class Dates: 
March 1 - 31

Robert Gosnell

Have you ever thought your novel would translate well to the silver screen? Or, maybe you just have a story idea that feels more suited to a motion picture than a novel. Or, perhaps you'd just like to know what this screenwriting business is all about.
If any of the above applies, this class is for you! For the first time, Robert Gosnell presents his beginning screenwriting course, "The Elements of Screenplay" online. The class, which has been has been offered in seminars in the Denver area for more than twenty years, breaks down the screenwriting form into clear, easily digestable lectures, with Q&A's to respond to your questions. 
The class covers Theme, Story Structure, Character, Dialogue, Format and more, and will provide the beginning screenwriter with the tools necessary to take that first important step to a completed screenplay.
Instructor Bio: 
Robert Gosnell has been a working screenwriter for more than thirty years, and is a member of the Writers Guild of America, West and the Writers Guild of Canada. With produced credits in television, cable, studio features and independent features, he has worked for ABC, Turner Broadcasting, Cannon Films, The Disney Channel and many independent companies. 

Robert has authored the Blue Collar Screenwriter and Elements of Screenplay, which is being used in Hollywood by both actors and screenwriters. 

He is also a contributor to this blog

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  1. I've taken Robert's classes and he really nails the content in a way that works, makes sense and makes you think about the story along with screenplay structure. He knows what he's talking about b/c he's been in the industry. You get a lot for the price of this class. It's a don't-miss opportunity.