Monday, February 1, 2016

Author Spotlight Featuring Jane M. Choate's Latest Release: The Littlest Witness

Today I'm pleased to bring you Jane Choate and her latest release by Love Inspired Suspense, The Littlest Witness.  

Welcome, Jane!

Hi, LA, thanks for having me as a return guest on your blog. The Littlest Witness deals with a brother’s grief over losing his beloved brother.  Why would I want to write about such a subject?  It wasn’t until months after I wrote it and sent in revisions that I put it together.  I had conceived the idea and started it in the weeks before my sister died.  Somehow I had channeled my grief into the hero’s heart.  In many ways, his story is mine as I learned to accept the unacceptable.

“Each of us, no matter who we are in life, can make a difference.”

“Is that why you do what you do?  To make a difference?”

“I like to think I am,” Shelley said softly at last.  “Helping people who are in trouble.  Sometimes I succeed.  Sometimes I don’t.  But at least I know I’ve tried.

Caleb wasn’t surprised at her answer.  He was beginning to realize that Shelley Rabb was a special kind of woman.  A warrior.  A believer.  She was all those things and more.
“For what it’s worth, you’re making a difference to me.  To Tommy.”  He hesitated.  “Why is that so important to you?  Making a difference.”

She didn’t answer right away, and he wondered if he’d gone too far, asking something so personal.  She stilled, as though searching her heart as to how much she should reveal, how much she wanted to reveal.

As a man who guarded his own privacy, he understood.  Giving away too much of one’s self left a person vulnerable.  That was something Caleb had promised himself he’d never be.
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When Delta Force soldier Caleb Judd’s brother and sister-in-law are murdered, the killers turn their attention on his orphaned nephew.  Caleb’s new mission:  protect little Tommy—who hasn’t said a word since witnessing his parents’ deaths—and figure out who’s targeting his family.  He needs help and security expert Shelley Rabb is perfect for the job.  But Caleb’s used to calling the shots, not taking orders … even when they come from a beautiful former Secret Service agent.  Shelley knows firsthand what can happen when business becomes personal, so she vows not to get too close to Caleb and his nephew.  She will risk her life to make sure they’re safe, but will that mean risking her heart, too?
Jane McBride Choate is both a pragmatist (five children and living off one income tend to bring that out in a person) and a dreamer. Writing about love and getting paid for it is her dream come true. The Littlest Witness is Jane’s 34th book.

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