Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Take Five And Meet Author Kay LaLone

Welcome to An Indie Adventure, Kay LaLone.  Tell us, what inspired you to write your book  Family Secret?

Hi L.A., thanks for having me for a return visit. Family Secret started out as a short story I did for a writing assignment. Over the years the main character, Thomas Patrick Henry kept talking to me. So I continued to add to his story until it became a YA novel.

Have you been a lifelong reader of Mystery?  What are some the first books you remember reading?

Yes, I have been a lifelong reader of many books, but mystery has always been my favorite. One of my favorite authors that inspired me to be a writer is Agatha Christie. Halloween Party was my first book of hers that I read.

What do you do to rev your creative juices?

I like to go for a walk. It clears my mind and gives my characters a chance to communicate with me. Also, if you have a clear mind, ideas seem to flow better. Sometimes I like to read or watch a movie to get the creative juices flowing.

What would be your advice to people who are considering a writing career?  And/or what would do differently in your career?

If you call yourself a writer, you must write. Don’t just talk about becoming a writer or read about how to become a writer. A writer writes. One thing I try to do every day is write even if it is just writing down a great idea that popped into my head.

You’re having a dinner party.  What character from your novel do you hope doesn’t show up? Why?

Well, I like all the characters in my book. But if I was having a dinner party, I wouldn’t want the demons to show up. Those demons would cause too much trouble.

Give us a brief summary of Family Secret:
On the road to solving his mother’s murder, sixteen-year-old Thomas Patrick Henry discovers a secret his father has kept from him for years. Tom thought Dad’s secret put him in danger, Mom’s secret is far worse. Magic. Witches. Ancient Book of Spells. Magical Amulet. Ghosts. Demons. Tom never thought these things existed until he is face to face with them. 

There is nothing else to do but destroy the demons before someone else Tom love dies. He already lost his mom and a close friend because this secret was kept from him. No one else will die. No one else will be possessed. Tom faces his demons. A mother’s love gives Tom the strength to slay his demons.

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I’m Kay LaLone author of Ghostly Clues, my first MG novel. Family Secret is my first YAnovel. Both published by MuseItUp. I live in Michigan with my husband and teenage son (two older sons and a daughter-in-law and my first grandbaby live nearby) and two dogs. I love to get up every morning and write about ghosts, the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night. 

I write PB, MG and YA novels. No matter the books I write, I want my readers to feel like they have met a new friend. I’m an avid reader of just about any type of book (mystery, paranormal, and ghost stories are my favorites). I do reviews and post them on my website and blog. I love to collect old books, antiques, and collectibles. You can find many of my antiques and collectibles selling on ebay and at fleamarkets.

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  1. Your blurb to "Family Secret" has me hooked, Kay! I love all of the elements (magic spells, amulets, ghosts, demons, etc.) that you've intertwined into your story. Out of curiosity, have you ever had a run-in with a ghost or had an otherwise paranormal experience?

    I'm sure you've enjoyed great success with your first book, Ghostly Clues, and I will wish you the same with your second book!

  2. Kay, I'm glad you're with us again. Your book sounds really interesting. I loved Lisa's question. Is MG midgrade? Middle grade? I know nothing about this at all.