Thursday, July 21, 2016

Scrivener iOS for iPad/iPhone Is Here! Bells Are Ringing.

Woot! Finally, I get my dream. Nope, it's not an Oscar or a Rita, but it's about as cool.  Literature and Latte have launched their iOS version of their remarkable writer's tool, Scrivener. 

I've wanted to use my iPad for writing for a long time. Not so much on my phone, but people do and now you can.

The cool feature is that you can sync easily to your PC or your Mac using Dropbox. If you don't have Dropbox yet, you can get it here and we both win as we each get 500 MB of space.  I use Dropbox all the time to share folders, use it as a backup and know if I need something on the go, I can put it there and retrieve when I need it. 

Remember, you'll need Dropbox on all the equipment you plan to sync with. For me, it's my PC, my laptop, and my iPad. I don't have Scrivener for my Mac, as I don't write on that incredible machine. 

But back to Scrivener iOS. The app is available on the Apple app store at the amazing price of $19.99. Frankly (and don't tell them) I would have paid a lot more. 

There is a great tutorial and I'd recommend a quick glance at it. If you're used to Scrivener it's pretty clear cut, but there are a few changes. It seems as if syncing garners a lot of questions that are answered if you read the tutorial first. And really, the tuts are fun, and you get the info you need so you can get out and play. 

Remember, the syncing works when you have internet access! I know that sounds obvious, but hey I did read one person's complaint that she couldn't her app to sync. Not a cell phone tower in sight, nor modem to be had. Once she got home, voila, it worked.

I don't have a cool keyboard with my iPad, but I was able to use an extra wireless keyboard from my Mac and Bluetooth it to my iPad.  That'll work until I get my iPad Pro and its fancy keyboard.

I've played with it and I love it. Go. Get. Yours.

And if you also want the PC or Mac version, check out the left sidebar for sales links. Yes, I get a small commission, but frankly, I'd lead you there for free.

Let me know what you think.

Warmest Regards, 

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