Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This Could Be The Most Important Post of The Year #writing

My Annual Reminder

Nope, it's not a writing tip, it's a career saving tip. 

Several years ago, I read a post by Syndee Rogers-Nuckles about the importance of multiple or redundant backup systems. 

She was kind enough to let me reprint this, with a few additions of my own. 

Take it away Sydney....

Have you ever had your heart sink? Feel the sting of tears streaming down your face as you realized all your files had disappeared?

I have. In a total panic I searched my computer looking for any sign of hope, I shook my head trying to awaken out of what had to be a nightmare.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone reading this, other than LA, her buddy and me? 

Or were you one of the few lucky ones that had backups of all your files on another EHD (external hard drive) or DVD's? 

Or perhaps it's just been another thing on your ‘to do’ list? 

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to backup your files, but it can be so time-consuming and overwhelming. Like so many of you I am stretched to the limits of available time so after trying at least a dozen different strategies for backing up I finally hit upon something that really works for me.

Now, I use the ‘triple threat’, not just having a single backup copy but two so that you have three copies of all your important files. 

For instance, I have the following:

1- Original files: all my business files like documents are kept on my computer's built-in hard drive. My original design files are kept on my main External Hard Drive.

2- Backup 1: I try to make copies of all my important files as I create them to a second EHD that I keep hooked up to my computer. I try to back this up at least once a week.

3- Backup 2: This is where the online backup service comes in. I LOVE this! I use Backblaze which just runs in the background whenever my computer is on saving all my files for me! My files are backed up to a secure offsite server so if something were to happen to my computer I can still get to my files from another computer!

Online Backup Services


This service was easy to install and was backing up my files in minutes! One of the best things about this company is that it features unlimited storage. I was using Mozy before and they changed their pricing structure so much that it priced them right out of my budget. have been so happy with this service, I totally forget it’s running on my computer!

(LA) This is what I use. It took over 45 days to get all my data uploaded and that was several years ago, but it was done every day behind the scenes, I really didn't notice it at all. 2016 note. I also can back up my second hard drive in my tower, just by adding it. No additional cost or difficulty doing so.


I have heard good things about Carbonite. The biggest drawback is that they do not offer backups of your EHD’s, which is something I can’t live without. But if you are not using any EHD’s they are worth looking in to. 


I had trouble installing Mozy on my Mac when I switched over from a PC, and when I contacted customer support and followed the instructions they gave me it still did not work. It was around the same time they changed the pricing structure so I canceled my account and signed up with Backblaze.

(LA) I have friends who swear by Mozy, so check them out.  Things change all the time :)

Keep in mind that these online backup services are not meant to be an addition storage system, if you delete the files off your computer these companies will delete those same files after 30 days. 

Thank you Syndee for your research!!

An additional note by yours truly
Good Sync

This is a lifesaver for me. It allows me to sync my drives to my externals and either do a back up, a one or two sync.  I love this.  There is a slight learning curve, but it's a free program until you get too many files, I think it's 25, then there is a fee, but it's a purchase, not monthly.  

Back up your career, and have a wonderful and hopefully now, a worry free Holiday Season.

If you know of other companies, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Ciao and Happy 2017


  1. Thanks! Very good information and so important. I use Mozy, but am bumping their free ceiling. I'll look into Backblaze. I need to get a new external drive, too. Happy New Year!

  2. Thirty years ago I had a Windows 8 and was writing a book. I was almost finished and then BOOM. The computer went crazy. It began to delete the entire book, sentence by sentence. In a panic, I pulled the plug and the computer went blank. I drove around town like crazy looking for someone who could save my hard drive. I found a young man in a tiny store who said he could do it. My computer was fried and he handed me a CD with what he salvaged. Sigh. Most of my book was on it, but I had to retype it.

    Yes, backups are important but sometimes confusing and pricey. Therefore, I have work off my external hard drive or flash drives. I do not save directly on the computer. I have 8 EHDs and 5 flash drives. The latter 2 are 2 Terabytes-- (I buy them on sale at Staples on Wednesdays and sometimes they are a really good deal.) All of my drives contain a total of 30 years of research, files and writings, along with photographs. I use a Mac, my external hard drives over the last few years are "My Passport" brand. So far so good.

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!