Thursday, December 28, 2017

Class Flash ~ Upcoming Online Writing Classes Taught By Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Classes at Romance U, Writer University, and SINC taught by Laurie Schnebly Campbell, one of my all-time favorite instructors.

(Jan. 2-26, 2018)
    Whether it's the first rejection, the 50th-book slump, or just not getting the story you want, frustration is part of every writer's life. For some, it's a nuisance; for others, it's the end of a career. For anyone determined to make 2018 a Better Writing Year, this class offers both practical and psychological techniques for dealing with rejection, writer's block, frustration, motivation, and other issues that keep writers from loving their craft.

(January 12)
    If one book is already hard, how on earth can you keep a good story going?

For Sinc Guppies(Jan 30-Feb 10)
For everyone  (Feb. 12-23)
    It's one thing to write a stand-alone novel. It's another to write a sequel, a trilogy, a box set or an open-ended series that'll continue for as long as you want. While great storytelling is great storytelling no matter what the format, there are techniques to keep in mind when writing a series that will not only keep your readers on board through every story, but keep you from burning out while they're still waiting for more.

(March 5-30)
    Any of us could write a book in which characters get shipwrecked on an uncharted desert isle. We've seen what seven such characters would do…over and over and over again. But what would YOURS do? If you nail down any character's motivation, it doesn't matter whether the ship capsizes or lands safely three hours later. Your characters will create a plot from whatEVER happens, because you've got their motivation built in from the very beginning...and here's how to do it.

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