Thursday, August 9, 2018

New Partnership ~ Backblaze, A Backup Company I Use & Trust

There is nothing more terrifying than the blue screen of death facing you on your computer monitor or gulp, a hard drive crash.  And you've not backed up your data recently, or worse at all.
I found Backblaze well over eight years ago and have trusted them to back up my data continuously. And if a file goes missing from my computer, or I hopelessly corrupted a file I can find it on my backup.  

Backblaze works in the background backing up your files without you realizing its keeping you safe. You get peace of mind for an incredibly reasonable price. And if you have EHDs they can be backed up as well on the same account.  

And for the sake of full disclosure, I am paid a small commission if you buy Backblaze from the above links or the one on my left Partnerships column of links. Even if you don't subscribe to Backblaze from my links, please just go there and do this. 


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  1. I can’t stress enough the importance of an ongoing backup. With all the computer cyber attacks, hard failures, storms and havoc, having your data safe is paramount. Do this now as it does take a bit of time to get it all backed up the first time. If you don’t use Backblaze, use some one else! Just do it. For $5 a month, it’s very doable.