Saturday, September 22, 2018

Recommendations ~ Newsletter Ninja Book by Tammi Labrecque

Today we're talking newsletters.

Newsletters? Yep. We want to deliver a strong, vibrant newsletter to our actively involved list. The bad news is that so does everyone else who sends out a newsletter.  So how do you stand out in the “inbox crowd”?

Well, I’ve been to countless seminars, webinars and read endless books on the subject.  But recently I purchased a book that resonated so strongly with me that I decided to share my secret weapon with you and post about it.

It’s a quick read because it's interesting and informative, and I encourage you to highlight passages you find intriguing. THEN take the time to go back and reread the parts you’ve highlighted. For me, that was a slew of pages, and I know that’s where my answers will found.

It was nice to see that according to her thinking, I was doing many things correctly, and a few things not so right.  Again, this book is a guide, not a strict recipe for success because it may not tick all your boxes.  There were a few items she suggested that made me wince, but I’m going to reread them because wincing means either I should do this and don’t want to, like cull your mailing list !!, or I’m just not comfortable with that specific idea. 

And that’s okay.

That means I can take the idea or philosophy as Tammi calls it, and make it work for me another way, or not.  And isn’t that what we want, a guidebook to help us see new things in new ways?

Here are a few of lines that grabbed me:

“First, you are not selling what you think you are. Second, if all you’re using your list for is selling, you’re doing everything wrong.”

WOW. I read on and realized I’m not doing everything wrong, but I was using my mailing list for selling.  I admit this publicly.

“Do not make business decisions based on your own consumer behavior.”

Another wow.  

“You are not your reader.”

I agree, but had not seen it put forth in the context she used.

“But you are a Rockstar.”

Really?  Okay, maybe I can buy into that. Watch out Elton John, your high heels got nothing on mine 😊

Have I intrigued you enough to grab the book and read it?  I hope so because Tammi hits a lot of points I’d never thought of.  And some, as I said, I’m already doing, but she gives me ways for doing it better. 

It’s $4.99 well spent.

Now I’ve shared my new secret weapon. Go forth and conquer your newsletter and mailing lists. 



  1. I bought the book on your recommendation and can't believe how many simple tweaks to my current newsletter style make all the difference in the world. I'm impressed with her methods and can see the rationale. Awesome book. Thanks for sharing this gem!

  2. Audra, thank you. I believe everyone who has a newsletter will find something in this book to move their newsletter game up a notch.
    Hugs, L.A.

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