Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Class Flash ~ Laurie Schenbly Campbell's Classes

These are some of the best writing classes out there. 
Because Laurie gives you individual help ... if you do the homework and turn them in.  Which to me is worth every penny I've spent on her classes. 
 Hey, Santa....are you listening?

(Nov. 4-15)

Writers who discover the versatility of enneagrams, the nine personality types and subtypes, are fascinated by how easy it is to identify their existing characters and create new ones -- each with uniquely heroic and distinctive traits, as well as a fatal (or not so fatal) flaw that naturally brings them into conflict with other characters AND with themselves.

(Jan. 6-18, 2020)
Track your hero’s arc through the seven core steps he’ll need to climb during his journey from a not-yet-heroic character to one who’s fully earned his victory by the end. Of course, the heroine has her OWN ladder to climb, often in parallel stages...until the finale, when they reach their ultimate triumph. (There’s even a ladder for the villain, although he seldom makes it to the top.)

(Feb. 3-14, 2020) There are so many ways for writers to promote their books, nobody should have to do something that feels uncomfortable for the kind of person they are. Looking at the five birth-order positions, three subtypes, and nine personality types shows which style best reflects you — AND which kinds of promotion will come more naturally, so you won’t have to dread all the activity that comes with releasing a new title or building a brand.

(March 2-27) classes

Here’s what writers have said about the course in previous years: “I never thought I could plot my entire book from start to finish, but here it is. This is AWESOME.” / “This month has truly changed the way I think about writing. I wish I’d taken Plotting Via Motivation before giving up on my earlier novels.” / “Now that I look back in the notebook where I wrote all my homework, I realize I’ve got my book right here!”

Laurie's  Bio:

Laurie Schnebly Campbell published half a dozen romances with Harlequin, including one that beat out Nora Roberts for “Best Special Edition of the Year,” before discovering the only thing she loves more than writing is working with other writers. So she started giving workshops every month, online and in person, and now has a special area on her bookshelf full of books with acknowledgments from authors who’ve loved her classes.

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