Saturday, May 30, 2020

Have You Heard Of Plottr? It's Quite Amazing

Okay, so I piqued your interest. What is Plottr? 

Is it a plotting system/device/visual timeline and more?  YES, in a big way.
Is it a step-by-step teach-me-the-way-to-write program?  NO. 

Plottr is one of the newest and handiest writer's tools out there. I fell in love with the idea as soon as I saw it in action, but now that I'm actually using it...WOW.

  And keep reading, there is a discount coupon for you as well.  

Visually Plan Your Books for Success.

Visual timelines. Automated outlines. Story bibles. Templates galore. With Plottr at your side, your book might just start writing itself.

I'm sharing some screenshots of what I've done, because one of the many joys of this program, and yes a program can bring you joy :) is that I can customize it to fit my needs as a writer. 

I was able to create the layout the way I wanted and then started adding information. 

For instance, see the scene where I have the bubble showing?  To create the information inside the bubble, I double-clicked on the box and it brings up a shiny new dialog box where I can type all my information. Then to retrieve it, I simply hover over the box while in the timeline and voila, it shows me what I need to know. 

On this screenshot, notice along the top that I'm now in "Characters" and I can not only add all my characters along the left side but can add in all the attributes I want, including the basics Plottr already has for you.

There are templates for many of the writing systems such as The 3-Act Structure, The Hero's Journey, Save The Cat, Michael Hague...

Creating a series? You can make a timeline for all the books, and by doing so, you won't lose a single detail. "What was that character's name in book one or the color of her hair in book four?" - me asking that question more than once!

And soon it will directly integrate into Scrivener! And an iPad app is in the works...that's why I got the bundle. 

Best of all Cameron Sutter, the inventor of Plottr, and Ryan Zee the co-founder, not only want you to try their new system, they are also offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee so it's risk-free.  

And I'm offering you a discount!! $5 coupon off the bundle price. Check out Plottr, and if you love it, use the code LASARTOR to get your discount, or click the direct buy link below.

Be sure to use the code LASARTOR for that discount

Remember, you have that 30-day guarantee, but I'm already loving Plottr and I think you will as well. 

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