Friday, May 8, 2020

Helpful Blogs From Book Brush ~ And A Lifetime Coupon For Any Paid Plan

I've been lucky to be able to write several blogs at Book Brush's request.
It's an amazing company with truly wonderful folks at the helm and I'm pleased to be a small part of that team.  
With their permission, I'm listing the blogs I've written for them and offering you a coupon for you to use to get a 15% lifetime discount for ANY PAID PLAN. 

(Coupon redemption code)

There is truly no better time than right now to quickly create boxed content for readers. It can be a series, all your titles, or maybe even the first book in several series to hook your readers! Book Brush features a Box-Set Creator that’s quick and easy to use. If you don’t have a Book Brush account, you can register here.

I’m an author and I’ve had a newsletter for years. However, this post isn’t about writing and angsting over a newsletter, it’s about how changing to MailerLite has upped my attitude and my game.

Starting With Pixabay I'm listing What I've Learned
First a disclaimer. I am not an attorney, nor do I warrant the information here. Your best bet is always to check out the links and information yourself.

With the launch of the new and amazing Cover Creator in Book Brush, there have been questions about licensing of images you may want to import and use in the creator. And along with the Cover Creator is the new Remove Background Tool, making creation so much easier. But then comes the question of "can I use this image?"

I will add any additional blogs that I am fortunate enough to write for them. So bookmark or join this blog as one of your resources.

(Coupon redemption code)

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