Saturday, October 3, 2020

Plottr & Book Brush’s New Features I Love

You guys have probably seen in prior posts that.... 

1) I use both Plottr and Book Brush

2) I really, really like them. 

So I thought I'd give you an idea of how much they've added in the past few months to what they offer you, the author, who always has way too much on their plate.

These two companies have simply grown and grown by listening to their users and creating amazing new tools for us to use.

Plottr is barely 7 months old, and as a “founding member” I’m amazed at the functionality they’ve added. 

Stellar customer service and they listen to their FB group. Did I mention that?

Plottr Academy

A full list of video tutorials that walk you through each step to create the time line YOU need, not some canned version that doesn't really work for you. 

  • Scrivener Integration: To start, this will include the ability to export your Plottr file directly as a Scrivener file, and import Scrivener files into Plottr.
  • Act Structure: The ability to create an overarching Act structure above the Chapter level.
  • iPad app: The release of a dedicated Plottr iPad app, along with significant functionality improvements to the smartphone app.

Adding sorting by way of Priorities 

1) Create a Priority custom attribute
2) For the characters you want together, assign them the same Priority value (e.g. a number value like 1)
3) Sort Characters by Priority
In this image, you can see Dave and Fred are next to each other because they have the same Priority value of 1 -- normally Dave would be first because the default sorting is by Name value.

Image may contain: text that says 'New Project Timeline +New Outline Notes Use Template Characters Custom Attributes Places Tags Filter l.Sort Characters Supporting Books: Tags: Tags: name description ave Priority Detective Ed ption Detective Dave Category Supporting Detective Fred Fred Priority Notes'

Scene Stacks

  • Adding scene lists to chapters
  • They've added the functionality to add color to your text. Want to know if you've added the Romance thread? Color your text whichever Romance color you choose.  
  • I love this because Plottr is visual already and this enables me to check with one glance. 
  • Want to find out the latest helpful tips and what's new, go here.
How about a coupon code? Yes please.


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Book Brush is focused on the customer as well. They listen and react.

Where do I start listing all the new things Book Brush can do for an author.

  • More video backgrounds than ever
  • New grid for centering
  • New tool bars on the upper task bar, something we’re used to
  • New Mockups, Overlays and Stamps added monthly!
  • Animation is beta trial in the Platinum Plan.
  • Background remover tools. 
  • Cover creator for Print, ebooks and audio! 
Blogs that help solve problems and show you new ideas.

Here's a cool ad I made using their transparency mode. I'll have a blog up on their site next Friday (Oct. 9th) about how to use transparency in your ads and book covers.

How about a coupon code? Yes, please.

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For 15% off the plan of your choice. Lifetime discount.  

These two companies are people driven and people centric. Wow, how about that!

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