Wednesday, June 30, 2021

All You Need To Know About L.A. Sartor's YouTube Channel For Writers


I've been working hard and long on designing this channel for writing tips and tricks for writers, and frankly I struggled to find the key elements until I took a course on how to laser focus your channel's content. 

Now I'm proud to announce my channel's scope and focus is ready for you and I hope after reading this, you'll subscribe. 


Content is divided into basically four quadrants or playlists.

There is no right order in which to watch the videos. 

One day you might need a technique booster or recap in the Page One playlist. The next day you may want deeper growth into a writing concept like GMC or Plotting From The End using Plottr for a cozy mystery In Onward To The End playlist.

Or perhaps a marketing tip or how to make swag for your readers in What's Next. And finally listen to an author talk about their process to inspire yours in an Author Chat.

I have links to all sorts of information, tools and books I use as examples in the videos. As well as a freebie GMC chart! 

It's all here for the writer. My plan is to post two videos a month, ramping the content up as I get faster at this. I have so much to share and so many writers to chat with. And I'm always open to hear your ideas of videos that you'd like to see.

Intro Video

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