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Geri Taylor's Novel ~ The Kitchen Dance


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As promised here is the excerpt from The Kitchen Dance by Geri G. Taylor

Joule Dalton, a successful interior designer with a prestigious architectural firm, lived her life choreographed by her loved ones until a tragedy forces her to learn her own steps. Allen Brooks has endured his own share of manipulations and all his hard work and sacrifice has left him with nothing. He wears his troubles like the too large overcoat he picked up at a mission while living on the streets.

This coat brings them together in an unexpected way. Joule takes the misfortunate Allen into her home in hopes of turning his life around. She gives him a place to live, a job, even introduces him to her wealthy friends. What she does not give him is her trust. This he must earn. The two combine their dreams and create a wonderful relationship. Then Allen gets a call that will challenge his sense of responsibility. He makes a choice, one that Joule cannot begrudge. Allen struggles with his decision while Joule goes back to her old life until they both realize what they really want.

"The Kitchen Dance" is a slice of fiction with a serving of mystery, a side order of suspense, a dash of crime and an extra helping of romance for dessert.

He stood over me, his face in shadow, as I scrutinized his thin frame, long dingy hair, and scraggly beard. His jeans and work boots looked extremely worn and not in a fashionable way. He was wearing an oversized tan trench coat that I suddenly recognized. I froze, as if my heart jumped into my throat and I coughed to release it. The coat was like an ethereal being taking the form around this thin, pale, scarecrow of a man. I grabbed the sleeve of the coat and found the stain on the sleeve. It was Daniel’s trench coat.
“Where did you get this coat?” I blurted out almost accusingly.
The poor man attempted to pull free. “Look lady, I didn’t steal it if that’s what you think.”
“I’m sorry.” I stood to face him. He stooped, not much taller than I. “Where did you get it?” I spoke gently, but still hung desperately to the coat.
“There’s a soup kitchen a few of blocks over.” He did his best to assure me of his innocence. “I just got it from there.”
“God, I’m so sorry.” I realized I sounded like a lunatic. “It was my husband’s. I sent some boxes of his belongings to the soup kitchen just this morning.”
“Do you want it back?” the poor man asked.
I was still clutching the sleeve. I released my grip and looked into the frazzled man’s face. “Come with me. I want to buy you something to eat.” I touched his forearm and turned him towards the diner. At first he hesitated. I was certain by the anxious look on his face he thought I was crazy. Then he relaxed and graciously, like a true gentleman, helped me with my bags and followed me into the diner.

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I was born in West Monroe, LA (but I do not know the Robertsons) but I now live in Ruston, LA where I attended high school and college. I have lived and taught in Texas, so my southern accent is an amalgamation of all three.

I have always been creative, usually expressing myself with art, but the last ten years have been spent on stage and screen as an actress portraying a number of interesting characters. I use this experience every time I create the characters for my own works of fiction.  

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