Sunday, January 5, 2014

You Just Never Know Who Is Going To Be An Angel

Angels come in all forms...

Mary Gray, owner of the Placitas Salon and Day Spa read a couple of my novels that my mom had brought her as a thank you gift for being so sweet to her, and this Christmas, Mary asked if she could put my books in her salon. 

Of course I said YES, actually yelled it once I got back to mom's house.

When I got back home, I ordered books, made the poster, and postcards and got everything sent to her by Thanksgiving.

So, if you're in the Albuquerque, Rio Ranchos, Bernalillo, Placitas area, stop by the Placitas Salon and Day Spa, pick up an autographed book and while you're there, have a spa treatment, hair styling or nails done! 

Best of all worlds.

Visit their website to check out their services:

And here are pictures of how Mary set up my books. Pretty isn't it?  She told me the colors of the covers stopped her patrons, made them interested enough to pick them up and look at them...and even, yes, buy them.

I made the poster and postcards, so if people didn't want a hard copy, the information on the back would give them e-book links. And I put a QR code on it that took them directly to my website.

Thank you Mary, for making this a wonderful experience.


  1. How of her! I hope you sell some there. Wonderful post.

  2. Beautiful display! That is so generous of her to recommend you to her patrons. She's knows a great book when she reads one : )

    Thanks for sharing an unusual place to market books.

  3. Hi Kaye,
    Thank you and yes, I did sell some, not sure how many yet, but I know I did.

  4. Hi Audra,
    Isn't it pretty!! Mary is a generous person. When mom comes, she often comes out to help her in and always helps her to the car afterwards.

    Mary deserves great success, so I hope people will patronize her and she's great at what she does.


  5. Congratulations, Leslie Ann! The hair salons are great venues for an author's books--you never know who's going to see your book. My book has been in my hair salon since its publication; I may not have gotten as many direct sales from it as I had hoped, but I've gotten speaking engagements from it that have led to sales. Either way is good!!! And I'm sure you will be far more successful with three books out there on display.