Friday, August 26, 2016


Yep, it's true, Viking Gold, Book Two in the Carswell Adventure Series, is on sale.
I figured it's still summer and this sounds like a summer read to me. 

Get yours here:
Kindle | iBookstore | Nook | Kobo

But hurry, it's a limited time sale.

Viking Gold was also featured on USAToday here.

And I'm on a blog where you get to meet the hero, Hermann Weiss:
Meet Hermann Weiss from Viking Gold #romance Action Adventure @Lesannsartor #RLFblog

And if you're interested in the book that started the whole series, Stone of Heaven, well, here it is.

Get yours here:
Kindle | iBookstore | Nook | Kobo

I hope you all enjoy the books and if you did, would you kindly leave a short review on the site where you bought the book? We authors live and die by reviews.
Warmest Regards, 
~L.A. Sartor

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