Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Five Secrets With Berdie Elliot ~ Enigma Of Fire's Main Character

Wow, today we're in for a different treat, learning five secrets 
from Berdie on :)

Thanks for this opportunity, LA.  I’m afraid Marilyn Leach has her head buried in an edit for an upcoming book.  She suggested that I, Berdie Elliott, her main character from the Berdie Elliott mystery series, share my own 5 secrets.  If you don’t mind, I’ll proceed.  And if you read Enigma of Fire, the mystery in which I relentlessly sleuth to resolve the crime, I’m sure you’ll learn even more about me.  Here goes--- 5 secrets about me, Berdie Elliott.

1) Although I’m an English vicar’s wife, I don’t fit the usual expectations when it comes to the kitchen.  In other words, I’d rather be sniffing out who the guilty party is in a village mishap than sniffing the perfect dinner for twenty I just cooked.  In fact, in Enigma of Fire, I have a special party for my husband’s former military pals, but my best friend, Lillie, and her handsome love-interest, Loren, actually do the lion’s share of preparing the meal.  What wonderful friends they are.

2) I sometimes struggle with living up to the expectations of a village that can put their vicar’s wife on a bit of a pedestal.  I tend to be impatient and I cannot abide falsehood.  To the chagrin of many, I’ll openly call people on it, which can sometimes rock the boat in a small village like Aidan Kirkwood where I live.  Often, my friend, Lillie, or my husband, Hugh, has to remind me to keep my tongue in check which is extremely difficult for me.

3) Although I don’t own a pet myself, I deeply appreciate the many animals that figure into most of the mysteries I solve.  For instance, in Enigma of Fire, there is a dog that’s a visiting nuisance at the vicarage.  But in the end, he’s quite heroic.  He helps save several lives.  And even wounded himself, he fights through his own pain to rescue others.  Where’s the box of tissues?

4) I’m not one to fussy-dress.  I do enjoy an occasional evening out when I can glam up a bit.  Like the time we went to dinner at Bamkingswith Hall as guests of the prestigious Preswood family during the Up from the Grave affair, although I almost went bum-over-end in their gravel driveway.  But I much prefer dressing for comfort.  I mean, how can you chase after the primary suspect in an attempted murder if you’re wearing high heels and pearls?

5) Though I sometimes get weary, as people do at my mature age, I never tire of solving perplexing crime cases.  I was created for adventure, intrigue, and a good giggle, even in distressing situations.  And I hope that I add a touch of inspiration to those around me as well.  I invite any who like to guess who-done-it, laugh, and be uplifted, to come visit with me in the mystery series named after me, Berdie Elliott.  Oh, and I’ll send Marilyn your best regards.  Cheers. 

Enigma of Fire: A Berdie Elliott Pentecost Mystery

When English village, Aidan Kirkwood, experiences an explosive fire, the entire parish is aflame with rumor and innuendo until Berdie Elliott, the scorching sleuth and vicar’s wife, can douse the flames with cold, hard facts that expose the perpetrator. A heroic dog, elusive book, and military champions come together to reveal the enigma of fire.


Marilyn Leach is a dyed-in-the-wool British enthusiast who lives lakeside near the Colorado foothills.  She enjoys viewing and reading mysteries that originate across the pond.  From the Scottish Boarders to Devon, city buzz to rural church bells, she enjoys excursions throughout the beautiful isle that inspire her writing.  Her dear friends, who have become like family, live in Reading, England.  

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  1. Hi Marilyn, I'm so happy you're with us today. I know this book is in pre-order, but if people buy it now (not charged to your card until it ships) something cool happens. Want to tell us about it?
    Hugs, L.A.

  2. Thanks, Leslie. Yes, indeed. If Enigma of Fire reaches a 300 pre-order mark, my publisher will introduce it into big box stores across the US. That's exciting! Or, as Berdie would say, "that's brilliant." Cheers

  3. Loved Berdie's secrets and can't wait until this book comes out. I've preordered my copy :)

    1. Bless you, Jill. So glad you enjoyed Berdie's yabbering. Cheers

  4. I've enjoyed every one of Berdie's adventures and had the privilege of reading an early copy of Enigma of Fire. It's another exceptional story, but what else would you expect from a character like Berdie and an author like Marilyn?

    1. Thanks, Amanda. It's such a fun treat to write Berdie. I hope it shows in the work. I am honored that you enjoyed the story and gave it a thumbs up. Cheers

  5. What a scathingly brilliant idea to allow Berdie to provide the interview. She's quite the clever character, to which her books attest. I suspect that the acorn hasn't rolled far from the authorial tree as one considers Mrs. Elliott's five secrets.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Brad. This was a fun project. Berdie approves. Cheers