Monday, October 30, 2017

Five Secrets From Paty Jager and Her Latest Release ~ Haunting Corpse

I'm happy to bring back Paty Jager, who was a guest on my cozy mystery series week as well as how to plot a murder.

A little bit about Paty before she shares her secrets:
My husband of 39 years and I have built two houses together, pounding the nails, putting up the tongue and groove wood ceilings, doing the wiring, and even designing them. The second house we built 3 years ago on 280 acres in SE Oregon. We grow alfalfa for hay and he manages three alfalfa fields for a dairy on the west coast of Oregon. I grew up in a rural part of Oregon, lived in a larger area and now we are back in a rural area. I love the quiet, the openness, and watching out for rattlesnakes. 

Please tell us Five Secrets we may not know about Haunting Corpse or you, but will after today!

1)Haunting Corpse if a mystery and I don’t want to give anything away about the book, but I can say, while other authors have to ask a yahoo crimescene group questions for their characters who are law enforcement, I ask my son-in-law who is a State Police Detective.

2)Speaking of the crimescene loop. My first mystery book had a stabbing in it and I wanted to know how much blood would be on my victim. A Medical Examiner answered my question then and is now my go-to person for all wounds inflicted to my victims. Rather than ask on the loop now, I send her emails with my scenario and she always gives me more detail than I need. :P I have a queasy stomach sometimes reading her answers.

3)Another secret weapon I have is a niece who was a paralegal in Idaho, the state where my Shandra Higheagle series takes place. When I have legal questions, I email her and if she doesn’t know the answer or where to look she contacts the attorney she worked for.

4)My Shandra Higheagle mystery series has a half Native American (Nez Perce) female sleuth. I wanted her to be Native American because it was different from most mystery series characters and growing up in an area that had once been inhabited by the Chief Joseph band of the Nez Perce, I’ve always felt they were robbed of their heritage. I like to shine a light on them as much as I can.

I made Shandra Higheagle a descendant of the Nez Perce who, when finally allowed back to the Pacific Northwest were put on the Colville Reservation in Washington State rather than their homeland in Idaho. While I was still in the process of dreaming up this mystery series, I met an author who lives on the Coleville Reservation. She has become my advisor on this series. She helps me keep Shandra’s Relatives on the reservation true to life, and gives me ideas from Shandra’s heritage to add to the stories.  

5) I’ve been working on an idea for another mystery series. With a dude ranch in the middle of the wilderness and a Native American Fish and Wildlife agent. I’m thinking his name will be Wolfe and he will be a descendant of the Nez Perce from Canada who had blonde hair and blue eyes that turn red when they are mad. He’ll be a loner and secretive, but know the wilderness well and have keen mystery solving instincts. Now that that secret's out, I hope I do him and the stories justice. 

Blurb :
A runaway bride, murder, and arson have Shandra Higheagle sleuthing again. Sorting through the debris of her best friend’s childhood, Shandra believes she must solve the murder before her friend becomes the next victim. 
Stumbling upon a dead body, Detective Ryan Greer is determined to bring the killer to justice before Shandra becomes too entangled in her friend’s dysfunctional past. He hopes he’s not too late. Her deceased grandmother has already visited her dreams, putting Shandra in the middle of his investigation and danger.


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  2. Paty, it's always a pleasure to have you here. Can't wait to read this book and your new series when it's available.