Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Five Secrets from Caroline Warfield and Her New Historical Anthology ~ Never Too Late

A little bit about Caroline before she shares her secrets: Hi, L.A. so nice to be here again. I'm passionate about family, travel, and history. It should be no surprise that all three find their way into every story I write. The characters—friends and relatives—in my Dangerous Series also appear in my Children of Empire series. Though my characters turn up everywhere from Upper Canada to Rome to Calcutta to Macau, they are all English and usually find their way home. I sit at a desk in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania and nudge them toward the riskiest territory of all, the human heart. I am proud to be a Bluestocking Belle.

Caroline, please tell us Five Secrets we may not know about NEVER TOO LATE or you, but will after today!

1) The stories in this anthology were written by the Bluestocking Belles. We hadn't met in person when we got together online, but now we work as a team to support each other. We've run an online magazine (the Teatime Tattler) for two and a half years. We plan games, events, and contests. This is our third box set; they just keep getting better and better.

2) At our Valentine holiday event last year we had our most brilliant idea for a giveaway prize ever. Four people won the right to specify elements for a made-to-order story or more accurately in this case, for EIGHT made-to-order stories. As a result, the eight of us wrote eight different takes on four dramatic elements selected by those readers—an older heroine, a wise man, a Bible, and a compromising situation that isn’t.

3) We use a secret cave (ok a private Facebook group) to try out story ideas, but our imaginations run in many different directions, and characters come to us from surprising places. In the end, we had stories using those same four elements but set over eight centuries, from 1181 to 1916.

4) My own story, Roses in Picardy, had its roots in a visit to Amiens, France, a few years ago. I was profoundly moved by the variety of plaques hung in the ancient cathedral less than one hundred years ago, tributes to soldiers of many countries who fought nearby in global wars. The urge to place a story in the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme won out.

5) The Belles believe the best marketing philosophy is to have as much fun as we can, make friends, and build long-term relationships. What is next on our agenda? Watch for our December Time Travel Blog Hop. Readers will follow our time machine backward and forward in time at will to peek at our characters’ lives, loves, and challenges.

Set in a variety of locations around the world over eight centuries, welcome to the romance of the Bluestocking Belles’ 2017 Holiday Anthology. It’s Never Too Late to find love!

1181 The Piper's Lady by Sherry Ewing
True love binds them. Deceit divides them. Will they choose love?

1354 Her Wounded Heart by Nicole Zoltack
A solitary widow, a landless knight, and a crumbling castle.

1645 A Year Without Christmas by Jessica Cale
An Earl and his housekeeper face their feelings for one another in the midst of the English Civil War.

1795 The Night of the Feast by Elizabeth Ellen Carter
One night to risk it all in the midst of the French Revolution.

1814 The Umbrella Chronicles: George & Dorothea's Story by Amy Quinton
The Umbrella Strikes Again: St. Vincent’s downfall (aka betrothal) is assured.

1814 A Malicious Rumor by Susana Ellis
A harmonious duo is better than two lonely solos for a violinist and a lady gardener at Vauxhall.

1886 Forged in Fire by Jude Knight
Forged in volcanic fire, their love will create them anew. Set in New Zealand.

1916 Roses in Picardy by Caroline Warfield
In the darkness of war, hope flickers. In the gardens of Picardy, love catches fire.

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  1. Hi Caroline,
    This anthology sounds so interesting, especially in the way it came about. Can't wait to dig into it. I hope your fellow authors will stop by and talk a bit about their contribution.
    Hugs, L.A.

  2. Thank you for having us! It was so fun contributing to this anthology!

  3. Thanks for having us, L.A. I hope you enjoy my Vauxhall romance!

    Susana Ellis