Friday, February 22, 2019

Cozy Mystery Week ~ Recap With 6 Top Notch Authors

This series of posts was a smash hit, so I decided to repost everything and put them all in one place so it would be easier to find for new readers or those who wanted to read these stellar authors' posts. So if you love cozy mysteries, and I DO, check out their articles and their books.

Cozy Mystery Week ~ Nancy Haddock on Cozy Cover Artistry

Cozy Mystery Week ~ Cynthia Hickey on The Love Of A Mystery


  1. LA, I love your cozy mystery week idea and all the talented writers you've made a part of it. It's an example of your creativity and drive that make your stories so well-done. Cheers

  2. Thanks Marilyn. These posts have such great info that by sharing them again, I hope we gain a whole new audience.

    Hugs, LA

  3. Wonderful... shared all the brilliant info on Romancing the Script Facebook page.

    Thanks for the info ladies!!!!