Wednesday, October 30, 2019

5 Secrets From Author Nancy Lynn Jarvis

Don't you love learning secrets?  I do. Come learn 5 from Nancy Lynn Jarvis.

I started writing as a game because I was bored and finished my first book, The Death Contingency, because a writer friend told me I couldn’t just decide to write a book. I never intended to do anything with it, but when I got a call from my friend saying she was terminally ill and regretted never having finished a book and seen her name in print, I threw together a publishing company and published the book with a dedication to Charlotte Bridges so she could see her name in print before she died. Here’s the dedication.

To Charlotte Snowden Bridges,
a much better writer than I will ever be, who was always going to publish when her works were perfect. She ran out of time on September 1st, 2008.
Brain cancer took her life.
Worry less about being perfect than the consequences of putting off dreams.

Hi, Nancy. please tell us Five Secrets we may not know about The Glass House or you, but will after today!

1)   Pat Pirard is based on a friend of mine who was the Santa Cruz Law Librarian for many years and is now a PI. My first series, the Regan McHenry Real Estate Mysteries series rings true because I was a Realtor for more than twenty years, but I know nothing about how a private investigator works. The real Pat is consulting on the planned PIP Inc. series to keep me accurate. 

2)   Pat’s pets, Dot the Dalmatian, and ginger cat Lord Peter Wimsey were my pets. My Dalmatian was a fun dog who had a talent for opening refrigerator doors and once knocked herself out cold while trying to make off with the Thanksgiving turkey. I’ll be using some of her exploits in the books.

3)   I didn’t intend for Pat’s love interest to be the man she wound up with, but as the character’s developed, Pat clearly didn’t like her intended.

4)   Pat’s sidekick, Syda, was hard for me to develop, but now she’s become my favorite character to write. Normally when I start writing, I have a real person in mind for each character. As I write, characters’ names get changed and they diverge from their original inspiration, but with Syda, all I had was her name so she took some time to become real to me.

5)   The murder victim is a real glass artist of some renown who suggested how to kill him and said he would love to die at my hands.

Blurb :
At thirty-four, Santa Cruz County Law Librarian Pat Pirard is living her perfect life. She has a job she loves, she’s just purchased her dream car, and she is almost over being dumped by her long term boyfriend. But her thirty-fifth birthday marks the end of life as she knows it, and Pat has to reinvent herself. As a birthday present, Pat’s best friend enrolls her in a glass flower making class. She learns a lot in the class, but she never expects her final lesson will be all about murder.

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  1. I'm sorry if this is redundant but I'm coming off another four day power outage which means no water, no phone, no internet, no power and a frazzled mind. Thank you for hosting me, Leslie. I enjoyed sharing secrets.

  2. Nancy, we're so glad you're here! The power outages you're facing is trouble enough, but knowing the cause/reason for them is terrifying. Be safe.

    Your secrets are out now :) Thanks for sharing them.