Saturday, January 25, 2020

Debut Launch of Makers Make

Today I'm launching a new series of posts. 
I've been lucky enough to be chosen as a Silhouette Creative!

The reason I so wanted this to happen is that in addition to being an avid creative I'm also an author with a large mailing list. AND I love to give gifts to my readers.  

My thought was that other authors and folks might want to offer their fans, friends and family fun gifts. And that we can make these fabulous giveaways and gifts for a fraction of the price of buying them. PLUS we can personalize them. 

So I hope you'll follow the blog, I've been around many years and love reaching out via An Indie Adventure. 

Today we're making keychain tassels. I've already given away a few, and the recipients loved them. So follow along, and if you don't have a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut machine, this can be done with scissors and a ruler!!

 I use Silhouette Studio for my design work. It's free to sign up at The Silhouette Design Store. They offer a free design every week and sales galore. Many of their designs also available in SVG format for non-Cameo users.

The tassel that I'm making is 2.25" long, so I'm modifying the design with the following commands.

Ungroup > Remove 1 of the designs > Count 28 tassels and use the knife tool to cut. 

For me, the tassel fringe as is was too thick, but it might be perfect for what you're looking for. I sized the image to the dimensions on the screen, making sure my tassel cuts were stretched to be 2" long. 

The next step is to make sure the solid band (which we'll be wrapping in the video below) is 1/4 or .25". Note on the image, I put in some guides and you can tell by the ruler marks in the upper left corner, that it is .25" from the fringe. Use the knife along the guide and you'll get a straight cut. 

Keep the piece you cut off with the knife and make it (by using the transform panel, my fav tool of all) a 3"x.25" rectangle (green image) make another rectangle and size it in the transform panel to 3"x.13" which will be the loop (blue image) we'll glue on. Group all 3 pieces. 

YAY.  Now we're ready to cut. I have used the black Silhouette brand of faux leatherette, which cut well. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the white to cut at all it simply tore, so I'm still working on that one. I also used other faux leathers and each brand is different. I'm currently cutting with a Cameo 4, ratchet blade

Here is a link to a video that shows you the cut settings. I love Silhouette School and their sister site, Silhouette U. I learn from them all the time.

Now for the fun. Rolling the cut material to make the tassel. I made a video because it's far easier than telling you.

 Part 1 Of Making Tassels

And here is the matt for the tags, using Silhouette Studio Design #46320 by Sophie Gallo. 

Part 2 of Making Tassels

Silhouette Leatherette available at Silhouette America
Circut faux leather
Jump rings from Michaels
Keychains from Michaels and see below for Amazon
Adhesive Vinyl
Aleene's Tacky Glue

Two pliers (smooth jaw preferable)
Silhouette Cameo 4
Silhouette Design Studio

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