Monday, January 27, 2020

How To Add Music To Your Book Brush Video

This is a simple way to add music to the video you've already created in Book Brush's Custom Creator Tool using the hidden video creator in Windows.

Remember you can double click on each image in this blog to see a bigger version of it. Feel free to print.

Step 1

Save your Book Brush video (.mp4 file) to your Pictures > folder of your choice.
 I named mine Book Brush :)

Step 2

Right-click that mp4 image of your file > Open With> Photos

Step 3
Click the drop-down arrow on EDIT & CREATE > CREATE A VIDEO WITH TEXT

YAY, now we're in the new video screen.

 I'm calling mine POG 1 (For Prince Of Granola)
CLICK okay.

And you'll see your Book Brush video is now in the storyboard below. 

Step 4

The "BACKGROUND MUSIC" is a drop-down, scroll down and use what appeals to you. It automatically plays the length of the MP4 video you brought in.

The "PROJECT LIBRARY is where your assets live, so if you want to bring in your own music (make sure it's royalty-free or creative commons and please be careful that you don't violate licensing of music) open CUSTOM AUDIO button and go to where you've saved your music.

Make sure that your video hasn't run yet and the counter is at 0:00:00, so the audio file should be blue all the way across the timeline.

Step 5
If you want your project to be longer, drag your video asset and put in it the next box. (see video screen graphic above with arrow). 

Now, if you add your own music, most companies ask for attribution, so you'll want to add a TITLE CARD (see it in Storyboard panel). Drag it to the end of your Storyboard. And I also think it's really a great idea to give attribution to Book Brush :)

Animations are now in the Custom Creator tool

Step 6
Add your text, and have fun trying the styles to see what you love. Go back up to BACKGROUND and change your color. And you can change the position of your text layout as well.

The duration for this is three seconds, which always seems about the right time for someone to read and digest what it says 

Step 7
You need to double-check that your music, if you brought in your own, matches the entire length of the video. 

Click on the left little handle on the left and drag it all the way to the left.  Then hit the play arrow to test it, and watch as the blue soundbar beneath each Storyboard image jumps from segment to the next one until the end. If it's not complete, drag either the left or right handles until you have the entire length with sound added.

Fantastic, you're almost done. 

Step 8
Click FINISH VIDEO and choose where you want to save. 
Now use it where you want.  

Sources I use most often for music :
Bensound  (they sell and offer free music, and kindly ask for attribution)
Incompetech (they sell as well as offer free music, and kindly ask for attribution)

This process moves quickly once you're familiar with the steps, promise. I can create one in a couple of minutes.

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