Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Best YouTube Training Is Hosting A FREE WORKSHOP (for the next 3 days)


The absolute best training/mentorship anywhere is now open. Primal Video only offers "intake" into their courses quarterly. 

Justin and Mike Brown own Primal Video, and if you're thinking-even a smidgen-about starting a YouTube channel, then this is the time to check them out. Their mentorship/classes have blown me away.

The FREE WORKSHOP is available here, and there are three sessions. Watching this workshop is what really made me pull the trigger and buy.

At its core, Primal Video is a self paced video course which is amazing and they update the content as needed. I mean, there are a lot of video lessons and again, self paced. 

You have access to a private FB group with Justin and Mike as well as moderators that are well informed as they are YouTubers themselves. And then you have your fellow 'mates as in classmates to help. And man they are very helpful. 

There are monthly calls both set in both US time zones and Europe. I believe 6 time slots in total. I've never had a question unanswered in the group! And the phone calls (video calls) are all taped so there are replays.

Really, I just want you to watch this FREE WORKSHOP, and decide for yourself. I'm finding it incredibly helpful in building my YouTube Channel, which you can find here! Having a mentor along with the classes, lots of access and peeps both ahead of me with more experience and newbies makes me feel like it's a family. 

Again, it's only open for enrollment quarterly. And the Free Workshop starts immediately, so sign up now. It's free.

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