Wednesday, July 20, 2022

A $5 Bundle From Design Cuts ... Grab It While You Can

By now you all know my mantra; if, in a bundle, there are at least a couple of items that I want the bundle is worth it. 

WELL, this bundle is only .... wait for it ... $5!

And there are more than a few things in the bundle that I can't wait to work with.
Design Cuts Summer Bonanza Gift To Us

Note: Design Cuts is one of my trusted partners because they have generous professional licensing that makes using their products safe for us to use in memes, covers, cards, graphics...endless possibilities.

I don't use any company that doesn't give me those license features. 
Why would I?

So check out this bundle and see if you don't think it's worth more to you than the price of a fancy cup of coffee. It's a steal deal.

Then tell me which ones you love. There are 12 right off the top on my list. 

(I am an affiliate of Design Cuts and may receive a small commission if you purchase, as always there is no charge to you)

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