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Five Secrets from Author Elizabeth Rose

Five Secrets From Elizabeth Rose

Bio: Elizabeth is the author of over 30 books. She writes medieval, paranormal, and contemporary romance. In the past, her books have been seen on Wild Chicago and also the History Channel. She has been a finalist nominee for the Sapphire award as well as nominated for RT’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for best paranormal romance from a small press. She loves anything paranormal and also loves to garden. She lives in the Chicago suburbs, is married, and has two grown boys.

Hi Elizabeth, please tell us Five Secrets we may not know about your books or you, but will after today!

1) Thanks for having me as a guest today, Leslie. My first secret is about my book, Curse of the Condor. This book takes place in the jungles of Peru, and was inspired by the fact I took a trip to the jungles of Peru many years ago with my husband. So, when you see the Yagua tribe in my novel, I have met this tribe, and a lot of the things in my story are from real experiences.

2) Secret number two is about my Tarnished Saints Series. This is a contemporary series that takes place on a lake in Michigan. My secret is that the setting of these books are places I’ve gone to since childhood. My grandparents as well as my parents lived on a lake and when you hear me describe the Bed and Breakfast and the old couple who run it in Doubting Thomas – Book 1 of the series, it is really my parents’ house and the characters are . . . let’s say a lot like my parents in many ways. Smile. Shhhh . . . just don’t tell them.

3) Secret number 3 is about my book, Lady Renegade – Book 2 of my Legacy of the Blade Series. My heroine, Wren is blind. This was inspired by the time I realized I needed glasses after never having worn them at all my entire life. I had no idea how much I couldn’t see until I put them on. Then I started thinking what it would be like to be blind, and decided to make my heroine blind. And actually, if you look at the sword on the cover of the Free Prequel to the series – that is my sword, given to me by my cover model Leland Burbank years ago after he posed for the covers of my Greek myths that are in print.

4) And that brings me to my fourth secret. My Greek Myth Series was inspired by the fact I loved to watch the Xena and Hercules TV shows years ago. The late Kevin Smith who played Ares was my favorite, and so I put Ares in my novel, Kyros’ Secret. Ares has cursed my hero to be man by day and centaur by night.

5) My last secret is how I decided to write Amber – Book 3 of my Daughters of the Dagger Series. Amber, my heroine is a novice nun in training. Well, when I was young – very young, I wanted to be a nun. But then again, I also wanted to be an Indian with a tomahawk and feathers and the whole works and ride a horse, so we can see why I ended up as an author instead, I guess. Maybe I’ll have to write a Western next.

Blurb: Lady Renegade – Book 2, Legacy of the Blade series. Wren is blind and also leads a band of renegades. Storm MacKeefe is a Highlander who is hired to hunt down and bring back the leader of the renegades who are hiding in the Scottish Highlands. Will a Scottish warrior be brought to his knees by a woman who holds a power over him so strong, he forgets she is even blind? Or will her deception make him feel like the blind one instead. . . in Lady Renegade.

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  1. Leslie, thanks for having me as your guest. The five secrets was fun to do! - Elizabeth Rose

  2. Super post, Liz. I love hearing the origins of books.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for revealing your secrets! It's fun to learn this tidbits about authors.

    And since you write in so many locales and periods, yes, write a Western!


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  5. Hi Diane,
    Nice to see you here. Aren't the Five Secrets fun to read?


  6. Thanks Diane and Leslie. I enjoyed being here today. And now my secrets are out. (Of course I always have more.)